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    Katamari Damacy Review

    Title: Katamari Damacy

    Genre: Platform / Puzzle

    Platform: PS2, Xbox 360

    Publisher: Namco

    Release Date: September 21, 2004

    Language: English

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    Geeky Factor: 

    Sweetie Factor: 

    Overall: 53/70 76% C  “Good Game For Girls”

    Story: 2/10 The story in Katamari is really silly and crazy (as is much of the game itself). It follows a prince whose father has accidentally destroyed the universe and you find yourself in the role of said, young prince, ordered by your father, to go “roll up” the planets to put them back into the sky; meanwhile your actions are also impacting a human family back on earth whose father is an astronaut who’s unable to travel to the moon due to the king of the universe destroying the cosmos. The story is often told with still images, or silent clips and movies, and really plays a huge backseat compared to the gameplay. The fact is, story is not this game’s strong suit, but it doesn’t NEED to be, because the gameplay stands alone. read more