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  1. Catherine: 96% A. “Excellent Game For Girls!”
  2. School Days HQ: 94% A. “Excellent Game for Girls!”
  3. Detroit Become Human: 93% A- “Excellent Game for Girls!”
  4. Seiken Densetsu 3: 93% “A-. Excellent Game for Girls!
  5. Love Live School Idol Festival All Stars – 91% “A- Excellent Game For Girls!”
  6. Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side (Series) 90% A-. “Excellent Game for Girls!”
  7. Chrono Trigger: 90% A-. “Excellent Game for Girls!”
  8. Ever17 The Out of Infinity: 90% A-. “Excellent Game for Girls!”
  9. Steambot Chronicles: 89% B+ “Very Good Game for Girls”
  10. Genshin Impact: 89% B+ “Very Good Game For Girls”

Here you will find a list of some of the highest rated games reviewed on this site and their corresponding “Overall” score – which takes into account several elements including (but not limited to) story, character development, art, gameplay, music, controls, replay value, customization, interactivity, and emotional impact. I am being overly critical on the games I review because there are so many that I want to review here that if I simply give high marks to a game I like, or even “love” then almost every game on this blog would be 100%, since I’m obviously already writing about games which I enjoy and recommend to other girl gamers.

As an example, both Persona and Lunar are probably tied for my favorite game series of all time – but they didn’t make the list. While they have amazing (linear) stories, and anime cutscenes, and great music, they lack in other areas like replayability, or gameplay mechanics (Persona nailed gameplay with interesting combat and dating sim experiences, but Lunar was pretty dated and drab, gameplay wise, with a boring combat system) And both lose points to games where decisions matter and have a branching plot or multiple endings. Although both are still personally my favorite game series, and I highly recommend them, when I try to analyze them, they fall short here or there in one area or another that pulls their score down. I’d still rather play either one of them over any of these other games on my list – but that’s just my preference :). Lunar held our number 10 spot until 12/08/2020 – and Persona 4 just missed the list by 4%. I don’t think I’ve reviewed 5 yet because I haven’t finished it. Shame I know because it is a great game lol.

Some of the old reviews here used fractions, newer reviews round up or down to the nearest whole number. Fraction reviews are being revised to reflect the new nearest number scores.

Letter Grade Assignments – Explanation of Values.

Percent                Letter                Grade Comments

98 – 100              A+                  “Excellent Game For Girls”
94 – 97                A                     “Excellent Game For Girls”
90 – 93               A-                    “Excellent Game For Girls”
87 – 89               B+                   “Very Good Game For Girls”
83 – 86               B                     “Very Good Game For Girls”
80 – 82               B-                   “Very Good Game For Girls”
77 – 79                C+                   “Good Game For Girls”
73 – 76                C                      “Good Game For Girls”
70 – 72                C-                    “Good Game For Girls”
67 – 69                D+                  “Average Game For Girls”
63 – 66                D                     “Average Game For Girls”
60 – 62                D-                   “Average Game For Girls”
< 60                     F                     “Not Recommended For Girls”