Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD for Nintendo Switch Review

Hey ghost-hunters and treasure-seekers!

Grab your Poltergusts, because Luigi is back in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD on the Nintendo Switch! As a long-time fan of this series, from the spooky days of the original on the GameCube to the thrills of the arcade version at my local Dave and Busters, I was super excited to dive into this HD remake. Spoiler alert: It’s adorable, funny, and full of ghostly goodies!

Nostalgia Overload: From Original to HD

The original Luigi’s Mansion 2, also known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, was released for the Nintendo 3DS on March 24, 2013. The thrill of exploring haunted mansions, sucking up ghosts with Luigi’s trusty Poltergust, and solving spooky puzzles was an absolute delight. The arcade version, which you can still find at places like Dave and Busters, took it to another level by letting you wield a Poltergust and enjoy co-op ghost-hunting adventures with friends. The tactile experience of holding the actual vacuum-like weapon and the added excitement of multiplayer made it a standout experience.

Now, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, released on June 30, 2024, brings that same spooky fun to the Nintendo Switch with enhanced graphics, smoother controls, and even more cuteness. The jump from the 3DS’s 800×240 resolution to the Switch’s 1280×720 makes everything look crisp and vibrant, while the improved lighting and textures breathe new life into the game.

Luigi’s Adorable Expressions

One of my favorite things about Luigi’s Mansion has always been Luigi himself. His scaredy-cat expressions, little jumps, and adorable “Uh-oh!” moments make me want to hug him tight. In Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, these expressions are more vibrant and detailed than ever. From the cheeky Greenies to the trickster Polterpups, even the ghosts are cute! Luigi’s animations, coupled with improved textures and lighting, make this remake a visual delight.

Treasure Hunting Galore

If you’re like me and love scouring every nook and cranny for treasure, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD does not disappoint. The game is packed with hidden gems, secret rooms, and tons of treasure just waiting to be discovered. The Vault in E.Gadd’s bunker keeps track of all the treasures you’ve collected, allowing you to compete with yourself to find more, avoid losing health, and beat your previous times. Some treasures are locked behind puzzles or require certain upgrades, making the hunt even more rewarding as you progress. The environments are easier to navigate with improved controls and visuals, helping you spot those sneaky secrets.

Multiplayer Mayhem with ScareScraper

One of the highlights of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is the return of the ScareScraper mode, now the only way to play online multiplayer after the discontinuation of 3DS online services. Whether you’re teaming up with friends locally or battling it out online, ScareScraper offers three game modes: Hunter Mode, Rush Mode, and Polterpup Mode. Each mode brings its own unique twist, from capturing ghosts to racing against the clock, and they’re all a blast with the right group of friends.

Adorable Yet Sometimes Awkward Controls

While the game is mostly a joy to play, there are a few minor gripes. The save system could use a modern update, as it’s a bit restrictive. Also, I experienced some control issues where Luigi would spin in circles, which might be due to Joy-Con drift or other factors. These small annoyances don’t overshadow the fun, but they’re worth noting.

A Ghostbuster’s Dream

As a fan of the Ghostbusters, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD holds a special place in my heart. The Poltergust feels like a fun nod to the iconic ghost-busting gear, and the game’s humor captures that same quirky spirit. How amazing would it be to see a collaboration between Luigi’s Mansion and Ghostbusters someday? For now, I’ll keep dreaming and enjoy the current ghost-hunting adventures!


Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is a charming and delightful remake that breathes new life into a beloved classic. With improved graphics, smoother controls, and the engaging ScareScraper mode, it’s a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike. Despite a few minor issues, the game’s sheer cuteness and humor make it highly recommendable. I just want to give Luigi a huge hug. Aww!

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review from Nintendo.

Ready to hunt some ghosts? Let me know your thoughts below!

Happy ghost-busting!

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