Is Twisters a Sequel, Prequel, or Reboot of Twister (and is it any good)?

Twisters Review: A Storm of Mixed Emotions

“Twisters” brings the whirlwind of storm-chasing back to the big screen with a new cast and a fresh take on natural disasters. As a standalone sequel to the 1996 classic “Twister,” it attempts to capture the heart-pounding excitement and drama that made the original a beloved hit.

One of the standout elements of “Twisters” is its impressive special effects. The tornado sequences are visually stunning, creating an immersive experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film does an excellent job of integrating the destructive power of nature with high-stakes action scenes, making for some truly thrilling moments. read more

Our Dream Retirement: Living the Magic at Disney World Orlando Florida


My husband and I have always dreamed of retiring to a place where magic fills the air. For us, that means Orlando, Florida – with a Disney World annual pass in hand for daily park visits! But with two cats and a dog in tow, figuring out how to retire to Disney World has been quite the adventure. Join us as we explore our options, weighing the pros, cons, and practicalities of each path.

As we approach retirement, my husband and I have been dreaming about how we want to spend our golden years. While many dream of quiet seaside escapes or traveling the world, our dream is a bit more magical: we want to retire to Orlando, Florida, and go to Disney World every day with season passes for residents. But there are many options to consider to make this dream a reality, especially since we have a dog and two cats. Here’s a detailed look at the different possibilities, including a deep dive into Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resorts, their contracts, and other residential options like Golden Oak. read more

What Is The Oregon Trail Generation?

As someone born in 1981, I proudly identify with the Oregon Trail Generation, a unique microgeneration that bridges the gap between Generation X and Millennials. We grew up during a transformative time, experiencing both an analog childhood and a digital adolescence. This distinct upbringing has shaped our perspectives, interests, and lifestyles in fascinating ways.

The Joy of Toys and Dolls

One of the defining characteristics of the Oregon Trail Generation is our deep connection to toys and dolls from our 80s childhood. We spent countless hours playing with Polly Pocket, Rainbow Brite,GI Joe, Jem, Barbie, Legos, My Little Pony, and other beloved toys. These cherished memories have carried over into adulthood, where many of us continue to collect and display these nostalgic treasures. Our passion for collecting has evolved to include anime figures, Asian ball-jointed dolls, and Funko Pops, showcasing our enduring love for these playful relics of our past. read more

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD for Nintendo Switch Review

Hey ghost-hunters and treasure-seekers!

Grab your Poltergusts, because Luigi is back in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD on the Nintendo Switch! As a long-time fan of this series, from the spooky days of the original on the GameCube to the thrills of the arcade version at my local Dave and Busters, I was super excited to dive into this HD remake. Spoiler alert: It’s adorable, funny, and full of ghostly goodies!

Nostalgia Overload: From Original to HD

The original Luigi’s Mansion 2, also known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, was released for the Nintendo 3DS on March 24, 2013. The thrill of exploring haunted mansions, sucking up ghosts with Luigi’s trusty Poltergust, and solving spooky puzzles was an absolute delight. The arcade version, which you can still find at places like Dave and Busters, took it to another level by letting you wield a Poltergust and enjoy co-op ghost-hunting adventures with friends. The tactile experience of holding the actual vacuum-like weapon and the added excitement of multiplayer made it a standout experience. read more

Anime Expo 2024 And Beyond. What New Games Are Gamer Girls Most Excited for in 2024 and 2025?

1. InZOI

Release Date: Late 2024
Platform: PC
Details: A life simulation game where players control Zois, engaging in daily activities, customization, and open-world exploration.

2. Virche Evermore: -EpiC: lycoris-

Release Date: November 7, 2024
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Details: An otome visual novel exploring tales of despair and salvation on the island of Arpéchéle.

3. Celestia: Chain of Fate

Release Date: TBA 2024
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC
Details: A romance-fantasy visual novel involving demons, angels, and multiple romanceable characters. read more

Rediscovering Kanon: Dive into the Heartbreaking and Hopeful Visual Novel Classic Remastered on Steam

If you love visual novels as much as I do, you probably already know how deeply moving and beautifully crafted the original “Kanon” is. I played the original release with an English translation patch because, back then, it was never officially published in North America. Fast forward to now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that a remastered version has just been released on Steam for PC gamers! You can check it out here.

Kanon Overview

What is Kanon?

“Kanon” is a visual novel developed by Key, a renowned studio known for creating emotionally impactful and beautifully written games. First released in 1999, “Kanon” was Key’s debut visual novel, paving the way for other beloved titles like “Clannad” and “Little Busters.” “Kanon” combines elements of drama, romance, and supernatural themes, set against a backdrop of a snow-covered town that adds to its melancholic and hopeful atmosphere. read more

Life By You LBY Cancelled: Top 5 Life Simulation Games to Watch in 2024

Paradox Interactive’s “Life by You,” a highly anticipated life simulation game, has been officially cancelled. Developed by Paradox Tectonic and led by industry veteran Rod Humble, who has a notable background in “The Sims” and “Second Life,” the game faced numerous delays before its cancellation on June 17, 2024. Persistent issues with bugs, performance, stability, and various game features prevented the game from meeting the company’s quality standards, leading to the difficult decision to cancel the project. read more

Sunny Side Review: A New Life Sim with Modern Twists

Introduction to Sunny Side

Sunny Side is the latest indie life simulation game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Released in early 2024 by RainyGames, a small but passionate development team, Sunny Side promises a vibrant world filled with modern touches that set it apart from traditional farming sims. In this review, we’ll dive into what makes Sunny Side unique, its strengths, and its areas for improvement.

What is Sunny Side?

Game Overview

Sunny Side is a life simulation game where players can immerse themselves in a large open world, tending to farms, customizing their homes, and interacting with a diverse cast of characters. The game stands out with its inclusion of modern technology and extensive customization options, allowing players to truly make their virtual life their own. read more

Wish I Didn’t Buy Whisker Waters Even When It Is On Sale. What a Horrid Game Even For Cat Loving Gamer Girls Like Me.

Whisker Waters for the Nintendo Switch had a lot of potential as a cute, engaging life simulation game centered around cats and fishing. Unfortunately, it falls short in several critical areas.

Despite its promise of unique fishing mechanics and a charming world populated by cats, bears, and birds, the game is plagued by numerous technical issues and design flaws. The controls are notoriously clunky, making the gameplay experience frustrating. The character customization is extremely limited—you can’t make your character look like your cats (at least I couldn’t come close to my two pretty average domestic shorthair tabbies), choose a gender, or even name your character, which detracts from the personalization aspect that many players, including myself, value highly in life simulation games. read more

Times and Galaxy Demo Review for Nintendo Switch

A Clunky Yet Charming Adventure for Aspiring Robot Reporters

I recently had the chance to dive into the demo of Times and Galaxy for Nintendo Switch, and I have some thoughts to share. This game offers an intriguing mix of customization and narrative choice but is hampered by some frustrating mechanics and uninspired design.

What I Liked:

• Customization Galore: Right off the bat, Times and Galaxy impressed me with its extensive customization options. You can tweak your robot’s colors, body shape, and even pronouns. It’s always a plus when a game lets you personalize your character to such a degree. read more

Paper Mario on Nintendo Switch: A Nostalgic Delight with Modern Twists

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door from Nintendo in exchange for an honest review.

As a longtime fan of the Paper Mario series, diving into the latest installment on the Nintendo Switch felt like reuniting with an old friend who’s picked up some cool new tricks. If you grew up loving the original Paper Mario on the N64, you’re in for a treat that’s both a heartfelt homage and an exciting evolution.

Graphics: A Paper-craft Paradise

First off, let’s talk about the graphics. The Switch version of Paper Mario is nothing short of a visual feast. The world is alive with vibrant colors and a stunning paper-craft aesthetic that makes every scene look like a meticulously crafted diorama. The attention to detail is simply astonishing – from the way Mario’s paper body folds and flips to the beautifully rendered environments that make you want to pause and take it all in. It’s a charming blend of nostalgia and modernity, capturing the essence of the original while pushing the boundaries with enhanced graphical capabilities. read more

Review of “Princess Peach: Showtime!” for Nintendo Switch

Overview: “Princess Peach: Showtime!” is a delightful platformer that brings Princess Peach to the forefront in her own adventure. Developed by Good-Feel and published by Nintendo, this game features a mix of action, puzzle-solving, and mini-games, set against the backdrop of the vibrant Sparkle Theater.

Graphics and Visuals: The game stands out for its beautiful and vibrant graphics. The levels are packed with color and detail, creating an engaging and visually appealing experience. The character designs, especially the various costumes for Peach, add a lot of personality to the game. The animations are smooth, and the game maintains a whimsical and light-hearted tone throughout. read more

What is Gakuen Idolmaster and Will It Ever Be Released in North America in English?

“Gakuen Idolmaster” is a new mobile game launched on May 16, 2024, for iOS and Android, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Set in Hatsuboshi Gakuen, an idol training school, players assume the role of a producer in the school’s producer department. The main objective is to scout, train, and produce idols, helping them achieve their dreams and perform at sold-out arenas.

Key Features and Gameplay Elements:

  1. Idol Training Simulation: Players develop idols by improving their singing and dancing skills through various training sessions and exams. Successful training results in better performances during concerts.
  2. Story and Character Interaction: The game includes deep storylines where players can build one-on-one relationships with the idols, uncovering their personal challenges and growth as they advance in their careers.
  3. Characters: At launch, there are nine idols available for players to produce, each with unique traits and backstories. Some key characters include Kotone Fujita, Temari Tsukimura, and Saki Hanami, among others.
  4. Art and Music: The game features character designs by Aki Minamino and Hechima, and an extensive list of composers including Yuta Azuma, Giga, and HoneyWorks. The game’s music is released under the ASOBINOTES label, enhancing the overall immersive experience.
  5. Progression: Players can unlock new content and stages as they advance, with the ultimate goal of producing top idols capable of performing in prestigious events. The game includes various exams and concerts that test the idols’ skills and development.

Setting and Visual Style:

The game is set in a vibrant, school-themed environment at Hatsuboshi Gakuen, featuring detailed character designs and animated sequences that bring the idols and their stories to life. The visual style is colorful and dynamic, reflecting the energetic and aspirational nature of idol training. read more

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life (2023 Remake) Review

What Makes Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake (2023) So Wonderful Anyways?


  • Adorable and Kawaii: The game is incredibly cute, offering charming visuals and a delightful atmosphere that is sure to captivate fans of kawaii aesthetics.
  • Diverse Activities: You can grow crops, forage, cook, eat, date, get married, raise a family, expand your home, excavate, fish, and explore. The range of activities keeps gameplay engaging and varied.
  • Dynamic Systems: Features a weather and season system, along with pets and livestock to breed and raise. These systems add depth and realism to your farming experience.
  • Exploration and Discovery: The game encourages exploration, reminiscent of retro 90s JRPGs. You’ll find recipes, notes, and secrets by clicking on everything and talking to characters repeatedly until they repeat their dialogue.
  • Multiple Endings: Each playthrough can be unique with different outcomes based on your choices, providing high replay value.
  • Time Management Challenge: The game challenges you with limited time each day, adding a strategic element as you plan your activities carefully to maximize productivity.
  • read more

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