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Welcome! Here you will find random items from around the net, product reviews, video game reviews, fashion, beauty, cute and fuzzies, kawaii, anime, balljoint dolls, toys, games, board games, technology, laptops, cellphones, you name it! If it’s geeky, or sweetie, it will be highlighted here. Of course the best is when the two come together to pull off something that’s truly geeky and sweetie.

Many of the reviews on this site cover one of the following topics: Games For Girls, Anime For Girls, Toys For Girls, Retro Game Reviews, 80s Kids, 90s Kids, Dressup Games, Otome Games, Dressup Game Reviews, Otome Game Reviews, JRPG Reviews, JRPG, RPG, RPG Reviews, Mobile Game Reviews, Kawaii, Kawaii Game Reviews, Kawaii Games, Asian Balljointed Dolls, Toys from Japan, Dolls, Plushies, Action Figures, or Kawaii Fashion.

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