Is Twisters a Sequel, Prequel, or Reboot of Twister (and is it any good)?

Twisters Review: A Storm of Mixed Emotions

“Twisters” brings the whirlwind of storm-chasing back to the big screen with a new cast and a fresh take on natural disasters. As a standalone sequel to the 1996 classic “Twister,” it attempts to capture the heart-pounding excitement and drama that made the original a beloved hit.

One of the standout elements of “Twisters” is its impressive special effects. The tornado sequences are visually stunning, creating an immersive experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film does an excellent job of integrating the destructive power of nature with high-stakes action scenes, making for some truly thrilling moments. read more

Disney Missed The Mark With “The Marvels” Movie – Review.

As a long-time fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I approached “The Marvels” with high expectations, especially given the buzz around cameo appearances of iconic characters like Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) in the trailers. However, my anticipation quickly turned to disappointment when these scenes were noticeably absent from the actual film. This bait-and-switch tactic set a disheartening tone for the rest of the movie.

See the trailer they used here: read more

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