The Biggest eSports Teams Worldwide
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eSports is the name given to the competitive video games tournaments, leagues, and competitions that have become an important part of the online landscape in the last couple of decades. 

The popularity of eSports is growing – and it shows no signs of slowing down. Even a couple of years ago, you would only have been able to watch these tournaments on dedicated game streaming sites like Twitch, but a surge in public interest (and investment from some pretty major corporations in the form of partnerships and sponsorships) has put eSports firmly into the mainstream, with tournaments now on cable TV in many places.  read more

Reviewing the Top Five Anime Slot Games

Anime is now well and truly part of western culture almost as much as it is a part of Eastern culture. Walk into any book store in the United Kingdom, and you will almost certainly find an anime section which is full of the most popular anime books such as Demon Slayer, Akira and Our Dining Table.

Anime TV shows are also now extremely popular in the west, One Piece especially. The anime wave has also found its way into other industries, one which is increasingly interesting is the world of online slot games. read more

Top 19 Underused Features to Boost Your Productivity in Gmail

With almost 2 billion users, Gmail is a platform that most of us interact with regularly. Whether you use it for personal emails or professional correspondence, knowing how to leverage Gmail’s numerous features can significantly boost your emailing experience.

1. Undo Send

The “Undo Send” feature can be a lifesaver when you mistakenly hit the send button. Once enabled, it grants you a few seconds to recall an email in Gmail. To activate this feature, navigate to the “See all settings” option, located in the top right corner of your Gmail account, and enable “Undo Send”. read more

The Art of Writing an Intriguing Online Bio

Crafting a compelling online bio requires a fine balance between professionalism and authenticity. It’s not merely a text box; it’s your first impression. Crafting an online bio involves carefully selecting words that represent you, minus the fluff, drawing the right people in.

Tailoring to the Platform’s Purpose and Audience

Every online platform is designed with a specific audience and purpose in mind. Understanding this can shape the content and tone of your bio.

For instance, LinkedIn primarily caters to professionals. Here, you might focus on qualifications, key projects, and career aspirations. On the flip side, Dating Platforms are more personal. Remember, your bio is a reflection of you, so take time to present an honest, yet captivating image. This is where your bio should shine a light on personal values, interests, and what you seek in a partner. And then there’s Instagram, a space to express personality, hobbies, and personal achievements. Knowing your audience and the platform’s purpose can guide the structure and content of your bio. read more

A Universal Adventure: First Timer’s Guide

My recent trip to Universal Orlando was truly an unforgettable experience. Venturing into the parks for the first time, my husband and I, who have quite distinct activity levels, dove headfirst into the magic Universal had to offer.

A Tale of Two Walkers
While I tend to be more sedentary, tipping the scale at over 220 lbs, my husband is the athletic type. Surprisingly, walking 6-10 miles daily around the parks wasn’t the challenge. It was the prolonged standing that took a toll on my legs.

Footwear Matters!
Men’s double wide Skechers Go Walk sneakers became my best friend. With foam inside, they cushioned each step, making the endless walking manageable. read more