December 2020

Why You Should Buy Your Kids Go Karts

Toys exist to make your children more distracted, but also to learn new things. There are all kinds of toys to choose from. If your kid is older and can succeed in maneuvering a moveable device, then you should consider buying them a go-kart. In no doubt, your child must have heard of that product before. Kids nowadays are exposed to the Internet all the time, and they watch all kinds of cool videos. 

Go-karts are incredibly cool because they resemble a vehicle, and they can take you from one place to another. Of course, they are only suited for children because they are of smaller size. No adult can use them. If your kid is begging you to buy them a go-kart, you should first be aware of its benefits.  read more

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Which 80s-90s Retro Anime Needs To Be Rereleased, Remastered, or Rebooted in 2020?

Anime got started back in the 1980s. 40 years ago! All that time ago many anime never left its home country of Japan. Or when it did get released in North America it was heavily edited – removing entire episodes and altering characters and stories – such as with the localization of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon was recently remade with Crystal, and an all new dub of the 90s version that was more faithful to the source material. This got me thinking… what long – almost forgotten – anime needs either a reboot – or just a release to DVD because it was never released or released and now impossible to find unless you’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars. read more

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Remembering Some of The Most Popular Characters In Anime History

Remembering some of the most popular characters in anime history 

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When thinking of anime, we tend to associate various shows with the characters who are in it. Likewise, when you think of a movie, you think of the actors involved or the characters they played. Anime culture is huge too, though, which is why so many fans of it simply adore the various characters they encounter. Sports fans have their favourite athletes, lovers of anime have their favourite characters. It’s that simple.  read more

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Investing in the Gaming Industry

Have you ever considered investing in the gaming industry? If not, maybe you should. The global gaming industry has grown immensely, with its market value expected to be more than $200 billion worldwide by 2023.

This incredible growth can be attributed to the rise in popularity of esports and overall digital advancement. This year, when the economy was devastatingly impacted by the pandemic, the gaming industry thrived even more due to increased player engagement during the lockdown and work-from-home measures. read more

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Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles and Other Fun and Exciting Games for Christmas

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Did you know, that according to medical research, playing games is good for you, but playing some specific games is better for your brain? Puzzles are one of those and have an array of benefits in enhancing your brainpower, click here to read about this more. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

Are Puzzles Good for Your Brain?

The answer is yes! And here’s why.

  1. They exercise both the right and left sides of the brain. Both the hemispheres of the brain are controlled differently because they work with different functions of our mind. The right side is usually associated with the creative side, while the left side has to do with the analytical and logical aspects. When you play games such as puzzles, trying to put pieces together you are forcing both sides to work in harmony, giving your brain a thorough mental workout, while having fun. Check out a study made about it here:
  2. If you want to help solve problems better, play puzzle games. The majority of life situations involve us having to solve a problem or think critically about something and puzzles help us to develop these skills to be able to use them easier and quicker. Puzzles need us to find different approaches to fix the ‘problem’ and find the solution. It a basic trial and error learning method for us.
  3. You can improve both your spatial ad visual capabilities. When you start using a bird’s eye view or take a holistic approach to figure out what the bigger picture looks like in connection to the individual pieces, you figure out how the pieces fit, just by recognition. If you do this regularly, you improve both your spatial and visual skills or reasoning and makes you a better problem solver. These skills can come in handy when packing, a car, or a cupboard for instance.
  4. You can easily boost your IQ score when playing games, like puzzles, it improves your memory, your concentration skills, and even your vocabulary in some cases, with games that involve letters and numbers. Michigan University did the experiment and noticed that those who played puzzles games regularly over a set period ended up boosting their IQ levels by 4 points. So why wouldn’t you want to become more intelligent?

Aside from Christmas puzzles, other games that can be fun to play during the holidays are included below.

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Fall Guys Game Review

Fall Guys is inspired by wacky Japanese gameshows where contestants race through zany obstacles and try to reach the finish line without falling off. Each round of Fall Guys starts with 60 real life players (you plus 59 other Fall Guys). You will be teleported to a random game level and the race begins.

Some levels have you dodging swinging logs, swaying axes, giant balls, or jumping from spinning platforms. Other levels have you racing to collect objects in a team based format where you work both together and against the other players to come out on top. read more

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Genshin Impact Review Of Free To Play Open World Anime RPG With Gacha

Genshin Impact has been making waves and covered by almost every media outlet. It has received both good and bad press. But I hadn’t played it until last month when I got my Playstation 5. Genshin Impact is also available on mobile and PC. And there is talk about bringing a version to Nintendo Switch but that won’t happen until late 2021 at the earliest. I’ve spent a few weeks now with Genshin Impact and have really enjoyed it thus far. Here’s what I think.

Genshin Impact is a new open world anime RPG by Mihoyo. It has stunning anime graphics, English voice acting, great music, and lots of unique features. The open world lets you explore, craft, hunt for treasure, perform both story and non story based quests, and of course fight monsters, all while collecting characters from a gacha. Genshin Impact is said to have terrible Gacha rates and gets a bad rep for that aspect sometimes. read more

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