Fall Guys Game Review

Fall Guys is inspired by wacky Japanese gameshows where contestants race through zany obstacles and try to reach the finish line without falling off. Each round of Fall Guys starts with 60 real life players (you plus 59 other Fall Guys). You will be teleported to a random game level and the race begins.

Some levels have you dodging swinging logs, swaying axes, giant balls, or jumping from spinning platforms. Other levels have you racing to collect objects in a team based format where you work both together and against the other players to come out on top.

Each level has different qualifiers that you need to meet to go onto the next random crazy level. Those who don’t meet those qualifiers will be eliminated and have a choice to either watch the other competitors or return to the main menu and try the challenge again with a new group of random players.

Right now, because the game is fairly new and popular, the wait is never long to be matched, maybe a max of a minute or two tops. I wonder if it will continue to be as easily accessible and age well though if player numbers drop over the years.

I enjoy Fall Guys. It’s not what I normally play and I’m garbage at it. I might be the worst Fall Guys player ever haha. But the bright colors and fast paced gameplay make it a lot of fun.

Win or lose, after each match you earn points that can be used in the shop to buy costumes and emotes and titles for your Fall Guy. I like this dressup element to the game. Some items are more rarer than others. And there are a wide variety of items to collect making each Fall Guy unique.

My wishlist for Fall Guys is definitely couch-multiplayer. Right now there’s no way to play 2 players unless each one is playing on their own PCs or Playstations. I host a monthly gamer night (well not anymore cuz of Covid but you know, soon again) and this game could be so much fun, but there’s no split screen. Bummer.

I also don’t know if it’s possible to do private small games, which could be fun for game nights. Like if me and 8-10 people just want to have a match without random players. I dunno because I haven’t tried inviting others to a match yet. I assume it just groups my group and fills the remaining slots with randoms.

Either way, my “group” will all have to be playing from their own PCs or Playstations which really kills in-person game nights, game clubs, etc where this game could be so much fun, because it is a funny crazy game. I want to see/hear my friends expressions when they fall or when they win the quaifiers, hear them trash talk, see them jump up in my living room, hear their laughter, teasing snickering, etc. Yeah there’s probably headsets and stuff but that’s still only hearing, not seeing, and interacting with each other in the same room. Missed opportunity there for this game for sure!

Despite the lack of split screen multiplayer modes, Fall Guys is a very fun little game. I recommend checking it out when you get the chance. It can be very addictive.

Score Card:

Geeky: 3/5 – The graphics are cute and colorful but not very detailed. Also I’ve seen some lag and other issues and the lack of split screen is another strike. Overall though gameplay and collectibility of costumes will appeal to all Geeks

Sweetie: 3/5 – No story – which is why it’s not normally what I’d play, but a lot of cute colorful game levels and game characters with a dressup component, and lots of pink in this game also appeals to girl gamers.

Gameplay: 7/10 – I already described the basic Gameplay above, but here’s a recap, you and 59 other random players go into random game worlds inspired by Japanese gameshows where you dodge fun obstacles and race to the finish. Make the cut and go onto the next level, or get eliminated and watch others or go back and try again. I would give this higher marks if it had split screen to play multiplayer on one device in the same room.

Story: 0/10 – No Story

Characters 5/10 – Well you can dressup your characters and collect rare titles and emotes which is pretty fun, and adds a lot of customization and personalization aspects, but having no story, also means the characters are pretty one dimensional.

Graphics: 7/10 – Bright Colorful, not very detailed though. Kinda lacks texture, but the bright colors stand out, and the various costumes and emotes and items to collect are all super cute.

Music: 5/10 – Average. repetitive sometimes, nothing stands out that much here.

Voice Acting: N/A

Replay Value: 10/10 – Despite scoring low in some places, Gameplay is simple, short, and fun, making this a game I continue to play almost every single day. I enjoy it a lot because the matches are quick and yet still challenging. I’m really bad at this game still lol.

Character Customization: 10/10 – I mentioned it above under characters, but it needs repeating as it’s one of the best aspects of fall guys. I enjoy the ability to customize my Fall Guy with outfits, emotes, and titles. Some titles are more rare than others which is a way of showing off your experience in the game.

Overall: 50/80 63% D “Average Game For Girls”

Although this score sounds quite low, it’s just because all games on this site get reviewed with story rating even if they have no story at all like Fall Guys. Like I said, I don’t usually play games like this. It’s different from most of the games I review, but I still think you’ll like it!


They also sell a lot of cute real life gear if you’re really into Fall Guys. I like the bright colors.

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