Genshin Impact Review Of Free To Play Open World Anime RPG With Gacha

Genshin Impact Review Of Free To Play Open World Anime RPG With Gacha

Genshin Impact has been making waves and covered by almost every media outlet. It has received both good and bad press. But I hadn’t played it until last month when I got my Playstation 5. Genshin Impact is also available on mobile and PC. And there is talk about bringing a version to Nintendo Switch but that won’t happen until late 2021 at the earliest. I’ve spent a few weeks now with Genshin Impact and have really enjoyed it thus far. Here’s what I think.

Genshin Impact is a new open world anime RPG by Mihoyo. It has stunning anime graphics, English voice acting, great music, and lots of unique features. The open world lets you explore, craft, hunt for treasure, perform both story and non story based quests, and of course fight monsters, all while collecting characters from a gacha. Genshin Impact is said to have terrible Gacha rates and gets a bad rep for that aspect sometimes.

I find the game quite fascinating for a free to play game.

Make no mistake, Genshin Impact is NOT an MMORPG – although it feels like one. It’s a single player RPG best described like an anime version of breath of the wild perhaps.

The story, the graphics the music, voice acting, and gameplay are exceptional for a free to play game.

I enjoy exploring the open world environment, getting loot and treasure, hopefully getting lucky with my free gacha draws, and cooking and crafting. I also really like the story and combat and gameplay. Really I like everything.

I’m new as bleep to this game, so that could be part of my awe and enjoyment. But I think it is one that keeps players coming back because of the open world nature of the game and high production values.

Get started for free. Already playing? Leave me a comment with your favorite aspects of Genshin Impact.

Score Card:

Geeky: 5/5 – Amazing visuals, music, voice acting, open world, a lot of fun combat skills, great game. Can’t believe it’s free to play.

Sweetie: 5/5 – The graphics are so cute! And you can cook and craft and explore and the story and voice acting are good too! You can also choose a female main character which I appreciate having the option!

Gameplay: 10/10 – Really great gameplay – so what if the gacha rates suck? I like everything this game has to offer – open world, exploration, cooking, questing, story, flying, climbing, everything in the world is interactable with. You can swim, you can climb trees, you can cut down bushes, break open crates and barrels, yeah I love this.

Graphics: 10/10 – I’m not saying they’re the best graphics I’ve ever seen in a video game, but they’re to MY taste, anime, bright, vibrant, lush, 3D or cell shaded, it looks awesome!

Music: 7/10 – Well above average – I like the music in Genshin Impact but I wouldn’t say it’s overly memorable in the end. It gets the job done.

Voice Acting: 10/10 – English voice acting is great. Paimon sounds so cute! I want to cosplay as Paimon as soon as this pandemic ends and we can go to conventions again.

Story: 7/10 – There is a story, but it kinda does take a backseat to the action and exploration a bit – but it’s still a pretty good story!

Characters: 10/10 – I like all of the characters so far. They’re cute and the English voice acting just brings them to life. Thumbs Up.

Replay Value: 7/10 – Pretty high! It can get repetitive sure, but the open world lets you play the way YOU want, and there’s in game events and other things to keep new content coming.

Overall: 71/80 89% Very Good Game For Girls!


Genshin Impact takes our number 10 spot – knocking down former long-time number 10 contender – Lunar Eternal Blue – for the Best Games For Girls on our Top 10 list!!!

Sorry Lunar – you’re still my favorite game series of all time, but looking at things analytically – you didn’t age that well – except for your story and hand drawn animated cutscenes which are still amazing – but you lack replaybility, outside the cutscenes graphics are dated, and combat honestly could put people to sleep – but you’re still the best in my heart lol. You only lost to Genshin by less than 1 percent. My condolences. I’ll replay you again later :).