Cat President 2 Visual Novel Otome Game Review

Cat President 2 Visual Novel Otome Game Review

I received this game for free, but that does not influence my review – thank you very much for allowing me to review this game. I also received and reviewed Cat President (1) awhile back which you can read here.

Much like the first game, the second game is all about an alternate future universe where humans are banned from holding government offices and the country is run by cats.

Also like the first game, Cat President 2, never takes itself very seriously and is full of a lot of over the top cat puns and cheesy humor.

Some of the characters from Cat President 1 return for Cat President 2 (I think… It’s been awhile since I played, but I think I dated Frisky in Cat President 1). This time I went for Mr. Biscuits. He is a single cat dad who is selected as a wild card candidate at random and knows nothing about politics.

The game’s graphics are simple but cute. I feel they look a little more cleaned up in the sequel, but definitely same style as the first game. Using photographs instead of anime or hand drawn styles.

Honestly, I know that’s intentional and part of the humor of the game, and I admit the cats are VERY cute – I love cats a lot, so no complaints there.

But I do believe this series would be better with some hand drawn style artwork. I might have made that same remark in my last review I dunno. I know its pretty much a one or 2 man indie game project and they probably don’t have the budget to add artwork to the game, but I think with some more quality artwork, this game could be a big Otome game hit. Kinda like Hatoful Boyfriend which was surprisngly very popular and kinda started this whole dating animals otome game trend.

Like most visual novels, you just click to read the story and at some points may be asked to make a choice from 2 or more options which will alter the story and endings you receive.

I got the good ending on my first play through. It took me just under 2 hours to complete my first playthrough, but there are many more stories in the game. I unlocked a bonus mini game where you can read about DJ Nibbles, and there’s still all of the other candidates’ stories too. Making total gameplay time probably close to 10-12 hours total.

A simple, cute, funny light hearted short little visual novel with several routes and several steam achievements too.

It’s only $9.99 when it is full price, and right now it is 10% off too. I’d definitely recommend playing it at this price and helping to support a small indie studio, especially one making cute cat Otome visual novel games.


Overall: 40/60 = 67% “Average Game For Girls” 3.35/5 Stars

Geeky: 2/5 – The graphics and short length of the game and over-excessive cat puns (which I understand IS the point of the game) take away somewhat from the production values of these titles.

Sweetie: 5/5 – Although it never does take itself too seriously, it IS an Otome game, in which you will help your cat candidate run his political campaign and in at least some, if not all of the stories, you will fall in love with your candidate and the story will turn more towards romance. The romance plus cute kitties makes this one highly recommended for girl gamers looking for a silly cute adventure story.

Story: 5/10 – I’m sick of politics at this point – but the game came out before the elections, with an important reminder to get out and vote. The game is just super short, for this type of game. Which yes, I understand is because it’s a little short indie title made by just 1 or 2 developers. I think the writing is humorous and if puns are your thing, you’ll love this. I like my games to be a bit more serious and mature. There is some drama and political intrigue, and yes, even romance, but the game is too short to really explore those themes fully, and in my 2 hourish playthrough, over an hour – or more was cat puns and “dad jokes” lol.

Characters: 8/10 – Each of the cats is unique and has a well rounded personality surprisingly for a game that isn’t serious. A lot of the charm of the game is that each of the cats are very likeable, but also each one flawed in some way. I like that. I picked Mr Biscuits because of his looks and his cute name. I will go back and check out the other cats too, because each one is very different and has their own unique story.

Graphics: 5/10 – Cats are cute, but like I said, man if this game had art like Hatoful Boyfriend, we’d have a smash hit Otome game here. I know that might not be what the creators are going for, and the photograph photoshop look fits the humor better here, and cats are still cute. So I’m torn on this one.

Soundtrack: 5/10 – Not bad, but not varied enough and not memorable in the end.

Replay Value: 10/10 – Since each route is so unique and also very short, around or under 2 hours, and there’s bonus stories to unlock, and steam achievements to chase, this game has high replay value.