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The Best Anime RPG Games For Girls

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – Spiritual Successor to Suikoden By Original Suikoden Developers Has Appeared On Kickstarter And Already Reached Its Funding Goal

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

An epic experience from the creators of classic JRPGs, with an intricate story and a gigantic cast of characters! 46,307 backers pledged ¥481,621,841 to help bring this project to life. You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

And yes, it will be in English – among many other languages. The catch is you’ll have to wait 2 and a half years for it to be released.

With 31 days left of their kickstarter campaign, Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes has already achieved its funding goal. You can help fund the game and get a digital copy when it is released for just $38. For $90 you can get Beta Access to the PC version and a physical copy for your platform of choice.

I chose to back this project – for just the digital copy – I won’t be able to provide any insights as to the Beta – but I definitely had to back this one. Suikoden is one of my favorite game series. And this is basically Suikoden with a different name because probably I assume that Konami owns the Suikoden name. read more

Ciel Fledge A Daughter Raising Simulation Game Review Nintendo Switch Version

Today I’m writing my review for Ciel Fledge. I’ve spent 20 hours or more on this game over the past few months, and it is at times slow, and suffers from really really bad controls on the Switch version… but I kept playing… and I was about halfway through the 10 years with my virtual daughter, when I reached the bad end. Pro tip if battling the gigant, attack the little shadow Ciels around the gigant, and don’t attack these shadows if they’re beside you, lol… I burnt myself… literally. :(… I saved right before that, but I’m burnt out on this game for now. You can also save your game after the credits and start a new game+ with all of your items and money and some of the things, like the diets and etc already unlocked. Nice :). read more

Best Tech Practices for Small Businesses

Best Tech Practices for Small Businesses

Computers are ingrained into all small businesses, whether you run a food and beverages, accounting, or retail business; you still use and rely on it. An IT infrastructure is more than computers; it includes mobile devices, networks, connections, printers, terminals, and more.

As a small business, your technology needs are unique, and it’s best to have something sustainable from the start. This, in turn, will make business easier, increase productivity, reduce costs, and save you time. Knowing your way around technology will help you focus on your objectives, adopting practices that would most benefit your business. Here are a few best small business tech practices you can use. read more

Best Geek Culture Apps For Mobile

Best Geek Culture Apps for mobile

Geek culture has become incredibly popular over recent years, with some suggesting that it has undergone a renaissance of sorts. Of course, this has been helped by the media as it has become a mainstream form of entertainment for many, with some of the top movie franchises and TV shows following certain aspects that would have perhaps been seen as embarrassing, strange, uncool or simply weird by those that have not appreciated the culture as much as they perhaps should have. read more

Exploring the Parts that Women have Played in Gaming History

It’s the summer, which means that colossal pop-culture events are usually taking place around the world, particularly in the US. Enormous events of the likes of E3, PAX, and Comic-Con not only celebrate the state of play, but they also come with a line of major announcements to roadmap the future of the scene. It’s a great time of year to be a gamer and we are enjoying an increase of women protagonists in games, so it only makes sense to reflect on how women have changed gaming and continue to shape the industry. read more