Best Geek Culture Apps For Mobile

Best Geek Culture Apps For Mobile

Best Geek Culture Apps for mobile

Geek culture has become incredibly popular over recent years, with some suggesting that it has undergone a renaissance of sorts. Of course, this has been helped by the media as it has become a mainstream form of entertainment for many, with some of the top movie franchises and TV shows following certain aspects that would have perhaps been seen as embarrassing, strange, uncool or simply weird by those that have not appreciated the culture as much as they perhaps should have.

Such movie franchises to have made geek culture a cool experience for everyone are the Marvel films, with The Avengers having proved to be a popular choice amongst many, just like BonusQueens in the USA has amongst bettors, whereas Game of Thrones appeared to make dragons, knights and zombies hugely popular amongst the world’s population as it was regarded to be one of the best ever TV shows to have been produced.

So, with it arguably being no better time to embrace the inner geek for some, whilst others might feel more comfortable showing that they have this particular trait to their personality, there have been a number of mobile apps that have provided people with the tools to embrace the culture even further.


Fanpower is perhaps the most widely recognised app for those that love the geek and pop culture scenes. Described as the world’s premiere social destination, the mobile app provides users to show off their collectibles and follow the latest pop culture news.

What’s more, and perhaps one of the app’s selling points, is the ability that it provides users to connect with others across the world, as they can interact with dedicated communities that share the same interests.

Users can follow fellow fans, friends, other collectors and artists to help personalize their own feeds, whilst also being able to join numerous clubs to engage with people to share the passions they have. There is also the ability to have private chats as well, whilst getting all the latest news.


FAN GURU is the must-have application for smartphone users that are looking to find conventions and comic cons all around the world, therefore to engage with their geekier sides even further. The app was created for fans, by other fans, which would suggest all the things that are important have been included.

Thousands of events, from comic cons to esports, are listed on the app, whereby fans can also purchase tickets and build their own schedules in which they can share with others to show just how much of a fan they are. 

Fans can create posts and share their experiences whilst also using the app as a form of social media for people with the same interests, whilst those that attend events will be able to navigate the floors with maps provided on the app.

Users will also have access to an attendee list for each event, which will provide them with any news regarding who will be at the selected events, such as celebrities, exhibitors and vendors.

Nerd Spell

Nerd Spell, as described by the developer, is a dating app for nerds which works as a Role Playing Game (RPG). Players will be required to work their magic by casting spells that will define their interest when they see a person.

Players have the opportunity to earn experience as they become stronger and will then get to meet the nerd.

With the geek culture not having been as mainstream in the past as it might be starting to become now, the developers recognized that there was a niche in the market and decided to create the game to tackle meeting new people in a fun new way.