March 2024

Sakuraco Artesian Japanese Snack Box Subscription Review

Sakuraco Unboxing

I am absolutely thrilled with my first Sakuraco box, themed “Sakura Night Blossom Viewing.” The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, with the box’s presentation capturing the essence of cherry blossom viewing beautifully. The attention to detail in the selection of snacks, which are handmade in small quantities by local Japanese artisans, truly stood out. These artisans dedicate their lives to the craft of snack-making, bringing a touch of authenticity and tradition to each bite.

The variety and quality of items were impressive, from the strawberry-coated cashews to the savory soy-flavored corn puffs, each snack was a discovery of flavors. The strawberry bread and the large bags of mochi and puffs were personal favorites, offering a generous taste of Japan’s culinary diversity. The box wasn’t just about the snacks; the accompanying book was a lovely touch, filled with interesting and informative content that added depth to the tasting experience. read more

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Don’t Let Your Kids Watch This Movie on Disney+: A Critical Look at “Poor Things”

Disney+ has become a treasure trove of entertainment for audiences of all ages, offering a wide array of family-friendly movies and TV shows that cater to diverse tastes. However, not all content is suitable for younger viewers, and it’s crucial for parents to be discerning about what their children are exposed to. A prime example of content that might raise eyebrows is the movie “Poor Things,” starring Emma Stone.

The Controversial Plot of “Poor Things” tells the bizarre tale of Bella, a character portrayed by Emma Stone, who undergoes a grotesque transformation at the hands of a mad scientist. read more

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Persona 5 Royal is Far Too Long!

Persona 5 Royal: When More Isn’t Always Better

As a long-time aficionado of Atlus games, I’ve delved deep into the worlds they’ve created, from the enigmatic corridors of “Shin Megami Tensei” to the perplexing puzzles of “Catherine” and the vibrant stages of “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.” Each game has offered a unique narrative, rich with character development and compelling gameplay. Yet, there’s a hiccup in my admiration for Atlus’s creations, particularly with “Persona 5 Royal” — a game that, despite its brilliance, challenges my patience with its length. read more

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Why I Love My iPhone: A Journey from Android to Apple’s Secure Ecosystem

I’ve always been fascinated by technology, constantly on the lookout for devices that not only innovate but also prioritize user security and privacy. My journey with smartphones has seen a significant transformation, especially when I transitioned from Android to iPhone. This change wasn’t just about switching brands; it was about seeking a safer, more secure digital environment.

The Turning Point

My experience with Android was mostly positive until a peculiar incident that raised concerns about my privacy. My phone’s camera began activating by itself, an unnerving scenario that felt like a breach of my personal space. Despite various troubleshooting attempts, the issue persisted, propelling me to reconsider my choice of technology. read more

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Best Amazon Spring Sale Discounted items for Gamer Girls

Amazon is going big with their annual spring sale. Check out some of these deals for dolls, toys, video games, tablets, smartphones, and gaming accessories.

The Sandisk 1.5 TB ultra microsdxc card can be used for Nintendo switch and steam deck and now you can save $50 for a very limited time only: this is the highest storage space available Azone pureneemo are cute anime dolls from Japan and this one is now 25% off a savings of almost $50. There’s also an Emilia from RE:Zero that is also 25% off. She’s so cute! LOL OMG Surprise dolls are also up to 20% off and appeal to even adult gamer girls for their kawaii cute anime aesthetic Loop 8 Summer of the Gods visual novel limited edition video game on Nintendo switch is 50% off Edge of Eternity JRPG on PlayStation 5 is 20% off at Final Fantasy XVI is also 20% off for PS5 at Save $100 off the Samsung Tab S9 FE+. As a gamer girl I absolutely love that lavender color. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone is also 12% off at Tamagotchi Uni Pink is 42% off during the Amazon Spring Sale Save $20 on Norn 9 Var Commons Otome game. Hurry only 3 left in stock at 44% off Cafe Enchante Nintendo Switch Otome game Variable Barricade Nintendo Switch game is also 45% off and another great game for Otome gamer girls The Otome visual novel game, Paradigm Paradox is also 45% off for Nintendo switch $20 off Catherine Full Body Visual Novel with Qbert style puzzle wall climbing gameplay 50% off Nintendo Switch Spirit Hunter NG read more

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