Don’t Let Your Kids Watch This Movie on Disney+: A Critical Look at “Poor Things”

Disney+ has become a treasure trove of entertainment for audiences of all ages, offering a wide array of family-friendly movies and TV shows that cater to diverse tastes. However, not all content is suitable for younger viewers, and it’s crucial for parents to be discerning about what their children are exposed to. A prime example of content that might raise eyebrows is the movie “Poor Things,” starring Emma Stone.

The Controversial Plot of “Poor Things” tells the bizarre tale of Bella, a character portrayed by Emma Stone, who undergoes a grotesque transformation at the hands of a mad scientist.

After Bella’s tragic suicide while pregnant, the scientist revives her by replacing her brain with her unborn baby’s. This premise sets the stage for a series of unsettling events, as Bella, with the mental capacity of a two-year-old, navigates a world filled with sexual exploits and questionable moral choices.

Inappropriate Content Alert: Parents should be particularly cautious about the movie’s explicit content. “Poor Things” delves into themes and scenes filled with excessive sexual content, including references to masturbation and prostitution, that are clearly not suitable for children.

The film’s approach to these sensitive topics is not only graphic but also troubling, given Bella’s mental state, equivalent to that of a toddler.

Offensive Language and Character Depiction add to the movie’s controversial nature and derogatory language used to describe Bella’s character. The term “beautiful retard” is not only offensive but also diminishes the seriousness of mental health and developmental issues. Such language is inappropriate and harmful, particularly in a family-oriented platform like Disney+.

The Bizarre and the Baffling: Beyond the sexual content and offensive language, “Poor Things” features an array of oddities, such as duck-dog creatures and a Frankenstein-esque doctor, that contribute to its surreal narrative. While these elements might add a layer of fantastical whimsy to the story, they are overshadowed by the movie’s darker, more problematic themes.

A Missed Opportunity for Meaningful Storytelling: At its heart, Bella’s journey could have been a poignant exploration of identity, autonomy, and the human desire to connect and help others. Unfortunately, these potentially uplifting themes are lost amidst the movie’s relentless focus on “needless meaningless sex” and controversial content.

Parental Guidance is Key for parents navigating the vast selections on Disney+ and Hulu. It’s essential to exercise discretion and be vigilant about the content your children consume. “Poor Things” serves as a stark reminder that not all movies under the Disney umbrella are suitable for young viewers.

As always, checking ratings, reading reviews, and previewing content can help ensure that your family’s viewing experiences are enjoyable and appropriate for all ages.

In conclusion, while “Poor Things” might cater to adult audiences with its avant-garde storytelling and Emma Stone’s performance, its explicit content and problematic themes make it a poor choice for young viewers. Parents should steer clear of this film on Disney+ and instead opt for the myriad of wholesome, family-friendly options the platform has to offer.