Persona 5 Royal is Far Too Long!

Persona 5 Royal: When More Isn’t Always Better

As a long-time aficionado of Atlus games, I’ve delved deep into the worlds they’ve created, from the enigmatic corridors of “Shin Megami Tensei” to the perplexing puzzles of “Catherine” and the vibrant stages of “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.” Each game has offered a unique narrative, rich with character development and compelling gameplay. Yet, there’s a hiccup in my admiration for Atlus’s creations, particularly with “Persona 5 Royal” — a game that, despite its brilliance, challenges my patience with its length.

“Persona 5 Royal” is undoubtedly a masterclass in storytelling and design. Its aesthetic flair, intricate plot, and the psychological depth of its characters are unmatched. However, its sprawling narrative, extending well over 100 hours, feels like an overindulgence that tests the limits of my engagement. In a landscape filled with games vying for attention, dedicating such an extensive portion of time to a single title is a tall order.

My gaming journey is adorned with titles that strike a delicate balance between depth and duration. “Lunar: Eternal Blue,” “Grandia,” and even Atlus’s own “Persona2 through 4” offer immersive experiences without demanding an exorbitant time commitment. My preference leans towards games that respect my time while delivering a rich, fulfilling narrative — a philosophy mirrored in my taste for K-dramas, known for their concise yet impactful storytelling, as opposed to the protracted narratives found in some American television series.

While “Persona 5 Royal” offers a myriad of memorable moments and a deep dive into its characters’ psyche, the game, at times, feels like it’s more about the marathon than the sprint. This isn’t just about the destination but the journey — and when the journey feels endless, it’s challenging to appreciate the scenery along the way.

I’m about 75 hours in and just reached Futaba’s palace and asked chatgpt how far I am and it said there’s still 5 more palaces. That’s more than half of the game left still. By time I finish if I ever do, I’ll clock in over 140 hours of gameplay. And I’m literally falling asleep while I play. I am determined to finish it because I’ve already wasted 3 whole days of my life equivalent in gameplay hours and it will be 6-8 days by time I’m done.

there are parts I enjoy, the social links and art style and story and characters and sim aspects. But the story in general drags and character development feels slower than the last 3 Persona games.

in comparison persona 3 and 4 each have about 40-60 hours of gameplay. Persona 5 triples that time which I think is what the problem is. At this point I’m out of storage space on both my switch and PC and trying to beat games in my backlog to beat new games and at this point I just want this game to end!

Replacing the time spent with “Persona 5 Royal” with several other titles could offer a more varied and equally enriching gaming experience. For instance, the tension-filled narrative of “Catherine” or the demon-hunting escapades in “Shin Megami Tensei” provide distinct adventures that conclude before wearing out their welcome.

In essence, while “Persona 5 Royal” remains a gem in the realm of video games, it serves as a reminder that more isn’t always better. As a gamer who cherishes stories that unfold with purpose and precision, I find myself drawn to titles that offer a complete, engaging experience in a timeframe that feels just right. The gaming world is vast and full of stories waiting to be told, and I prefer those that leave me eager for more, rather than wondering when they’ll end.

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