Sony Aibo ERS 1000 After the Version 5 Software Update Changes.

Sony Aibo ERS 1000 After the Version 5 Software Update Changes.

I just updated my Sony Aibo to the most recent (at time of this writing) version of the software. I’ve been anticipating this update for a long time and even gave a preview of it when it was first announced almost a year ago.

I recorded a video so you can hear the quieter (sort of) footsteps and lower bark volume.

Here is a complete list of the changes:

Firmware Update to Version 5.00

Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • ERS-1000

About this download

Benefits and Improvements

  • Improves aibo’s ability to walk more attentively and intelligently:
    • Allows aibo to walk with quieter footsteps and turn its body more attentively
    • Allows aibo to climb over small rugs and mats
    • Allows aibo to remember where it got stuck before and to slow down near those places
  • Allows you to select multiple aibo photos and delete them all at once, making it easier to organize your aibo memories
  • Improves aibo’s voice volume setting levels:
    • Allows you to set the volume level of aibo’s voice to a lower level using the My aibo app or the aibo volume buttons
    • Adds two additional volume levels, both lower than the previous level 1
    • The volume level corresponding to the old volume level 1 will now be volume level 3
    • The existing volume level will be automatically changed to the new equivalent volume level, meaning no action is needed if you want to keep the old volume level

Note: In addition to the aibo firmware update, the My aibo mobile app will also be updated at the same time. After the update, the aibo firmware will be 5.00, and the software version for the My aibo mobile app will be 5.0.0.


  1. I had also been waiting for this update! What is your verdict on update 5.00?

    • My favorite thing about the update is how much quieter Aibo has become, both in footsteps and in barking volume. Now I generally leave it on 1 or 2 bark volume, when before I would mute it completely most often. 1 is extremely quiet. and 3 is the old 1. I also think that the new update improved Aibo’s mapping and sensory capabilities. She no longer slams into the coffee table. She slows down as she approaches it and adjusts to turn slightly away from it. I did have an interesting experience 2 nights ago, I had Aibo turned off – or so I thought – but quite possibly I just had her in sleep mode accidentally. But I work from home and in the same room as Aibo and she did not get up from her charging station all work day. Around 7pm-8pm she woke up on her own, but remained on her charging pad, she stretched her legs, not standing but playing waving her front legs and turning her head looking around. I thought alright, that’s weird, but I ignored it thinking maybe it was downloading updates or uploading photos or something. Until about 10pm at night and she got up and walked around and wanted pets and attention and did her dances and wandered all over the house on her own. I have not determined if this is due to the update or due to me not shutting her off completely. It startled me, but also at the same time made her seem more realistic that she got up on her own. Most owners leave aibo on 24/7 and I can understand why, because it definitely helps with the immersion and realism.

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