Mobile Otome Game Mr. Love Queen’s Choice Will Discontinue Adding New English Voice Over Content to Main Storyline in Effort to Sustain Game Operations of Global Servers.

I haven’t logged in in awhile but it is sad to hear that future main story content will not be voiced. Voice acting is a big part of Otome and visual novel games.

And even though they say the game or servers are not shutting down it’s evident the game is struggling to remain financially viable and that scares me enough to not want to spend real life money on the game.

I got burnt by other games (Utapri I’m looking at you) and never again. I know when to “leave a dying ship” when the ship is slowly sinking. I’ll keep riding it to the end but at the same time “the writings on the walls”. If they are cutting costs then things are not looking promising here. Such a shame. I loved this game.

To make it worse they are banning people who say or assume the game is financially struggling or closing down.

While it is not closing down right now, one can see that it is not making as much money as they had hoped so they are scaling back and that often does lead eventually to games shutting down. This is common sense.

This game is run by a Chinese company and they don’t like us having freedom of speech. This is the same company that suddenly fired one of their own voice actors for saying Taiwan is a country on his own Twitter. It literally is a country though lol.

Ridiculous. Ban me then. I don’t care. Your game is about to die anyways. I give it another 2-4 years tops. Writing is on the wall. End of discussion. Your game is losing money hence you are making these changes. You even say upfront the changes are necessary to continue the game’s operations.

Read the full announcement below.

Adjustment to MLQC In-game Voiceover Plan
Dear Producers:
Greetings from the MLQC operation team.
We are deeply grateful for your continued love and support for MLQC. It has been an honor to work with you to create and share an unforgettable gaming experience. As such, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to you again!
Every minute of our time together has been precious to us, and we sincerely look forward to sharing more time with you. After careful deliberation within the team, we have regretfully decided to make adjustments to the subsequent in-game voiceover plan in order to maintain the continued operation of the game and maximize the gaming experience for you. The details are as follows:
Starting on March 16, 2023, we will no longer be recording voiceovers for the following features/content:
Voiceovers for all of the main story & Westmoon Kingdom stories (There will still be voiceovers for main story phone calls).
Voiceovers for all NPCs, namely all characters except the five main characters
Dates & phone voiceovers for all free SSR Karmas.
Voiceovers for all SR Karma dates except character birthday SR Karmas.
All other voiceovers in the [Go See Him] system except for the character’s birthday.
We will continue to provide voiceovers for content not listed above. Completed voiceovers prior to the release of this announcement will be added into the game in future updates.
Additionally, we would like to address concerns regarding the missing voiceovers for [Right Beside You] from January 1, 2021 to February 15, 2023. Please rest assured that we have already begun production and will have them released as soon as possible. And prior to release, we will post a detailed announcement on our official social media platforms, which you may check for specific information. Producers who have participated in relevant events and obtained redeemable items can use them to have a feast for the ears in [Right Beside You]. Please be on the lookout for our follow-up official announcement. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!
Once again, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies for failing to meet your expectations for in-game audio. We will continue to work hard to provide you with better services and create more beautiful memories with you in Loveland City.
MLQC Operation Team

Followed by the threats in this comment here:

Hello Producers,
Today we are saddened to hear the news regarding the reduction of future English dub content. After speaking a bit with Mr. Love, I would like to take some time to clarify a few possible questions.
There is no news about the addition of Chinese dubbing.
Right beside you content previously promised has not been cut.
This news does not mean the game service is shutting down. As a reminder, expressing your feelings about the news is ok, but refrain from making negative assumptions regarding the future of the game as doing so will result in a warning/ban to be issued.
Again, I know many Producers will be affected by this news, so we hope you will support one another during this time. The moderation staff and I will do our best to address any questions and forward any major questions/concerns.

I enjoy(ed) this game and previously reviewed it here. I will continue to play to the end and honestly think the end is years away still, but I would caution against spending money on a dying project with clearly questionable and threatening management styles.