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Get Stein’s Gate and Other Great Visual Novels From JAST USA in This Bundle for $30

I also forgot to mention there's a limited edition bundle at right now which features a lot of popular JAST titles, including the AMAAAAZING Stein's Gate - which I reviewed here. The bundle features a tiered pricing system, allowing you to get more games with each tier. I already have Stein's Gate, so I went with the $20 tier. I was actually most interested in Snow Sakura and Snow Drop though, so even the $10 tier is a great buy. These games go for $40 and up on JASTUSA's website and rarely go on sale or get placed in bundles. I think it is the first time Stein's Gate has ever been included in a bundle. At time of this writing there are still 750 bundles remaining. FOR A MINIMUM OF $10 YOU GET: Do You Like Horny Bunnies Snow Sakura Snow Drop FOR A MINIMUM OF $20 YOU ALSO GE

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Tokyo Anime Mega Bundle of Steam Games

Just a heads up, for the next 16 days, until Mach 10th, you can get 13 anime games for just $3.49 (until price goes up). The titles include: Tokyo Hosto Orion: A Sci-Fi Visual Novel A Wild Catgirl Appears! Sickness Echo Tokyo Always The Same Blue Sky… Highschool Possession Shan Gui (山桂) Lamia's Game Room Quantum Conscience Divine Slice of Life Beach Bounce Blue Rose Many of these games have been in previous bundles, but a few have not. It's a great buy - I picked a copy up for myself as well even though I already had about half of the novels (I will do a giveaway sometime soon for my extra keys) :) You can grab this bundle at

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