Best Black Friday 2020 Deals For Girl Geeks and Gamers

Best Black Friday 2020 Deals For Girl Geeks and Gamers

I did a little online shopping today. I thought I’d write up a blog post to share some of the best deals I found. This might be updated later today or over the next several days.

Gamestop is having a sale on games of course. I picked up the Yakuza collection which features Yakuza 0 – 6. It was $29 regularly like $59. I also (finally) picked up the remake version of Final Fantasy 7 which was similarly discounted.

Also, I already owned it, but for those who don’t yet, Story of Seasons for the Switch is on a big discount too:

Steam is having their fall sale and for the first time you can browse the sale by genres including a page for visual novel or female protagonist you can check it out here:

Looking for a memory card for your nintendo switch? Best Buy is having a big sale. The bigger sized memory card you buy, the more you save. I got a 400gb one for $59 that had originally been $179. Here are some of the options:

Aksys is having a black friday sale too with up to 35% off some of their visual novels and otome games.[platform][0]=Nintendo%20Switch

In the mood for some anime? Rightstuf is having a pretty good sale on all kinds of titles.

Sentai Filmworks is also having a sale.

The best thing I found was the entire collection of Clannad and Clannad After Story Blu Ray for $17.99 that had been $159.00 However, they have stuff for even as little as $2! SUGOI!

Did you get a new PS5? Want to play games online? You’re going to be required to subscribe to Playstation Plus – and right now is the best time to do so with 25% off the subscription price. I signed up for a year myself. 🙂

Amazon has an anime sale and as part of that sale, Sailor Moon box sets are over 70% Off!

Another great deal is for those who do not yet own Kingdom Hearts 1-3. There’s an All In One Package that’s usually $100 on sale right now for $29.99. I already have all of the games, but I truly recommend all of the Kingdom Hearts games. It is one of the best series of all time.

Life is Strange 2 and several Final Fantasy games are also 50% off.