Guide to betting on esports

Esports have continued to thrive and surge in popularity amongst the gaming and the betting communities.

For those unaware of what esports are, they are the act of competitive sports action via the use of video games, rather than individuals having to exert their bodies in some form of physical action. Nonetheless, esports can take their toll on a player’s body in different ways, making it no less competitive than traditional sports.

In addition, esports can be played in a variety of ways as players can play in a solo effort – for example when playing games such as FIFA; whilst they can also be in part of a team and compete against other teams, such as in games like CS:GO and Fortnite.

So why are esports popular with bettors?

Due to the sheer popularity that esports have managed to generate over the years, sportsbooks and bookmakers have decided to take advantage of the growing market and have provided gamblers with the chance to bet on the action.

However, what should bettors be looking out for?

1. Shop around for the best options

Just as it is important when betting on more traditional markets, it is vitally important that some research is undertaken and completed prior to betting on the action. By using sites available, such as Bookies Reviews, bettors will be able to find the best deals available from a host of bookmakers and sportsbooks that could potentially further enhance the experience when betting on esports. By not doing this, bettors could miss out massively!

2. Focus on the games that bettors know about

Betting on esports should be no different to betting on more traditional betting markets. For example, sports bettors will generally know which teams or matches are worth taking a bet on and this should be no different for esports. Those that do not have any idea on what is taking place should look to avoid placing a bet on the action as it will only likely provide players with a loss.

3. Follow your favourite esports teams

Getting to know the best esports players and teams will certainly help to further enhance a player’s esports betting experience. Just like in other sports, there are going to be a number of teams that will be considered to be the ‘best’, thus working out who those teams/individuals are will help to provide gamblers with some of the knowledge they need to ensure they are best positioned to place a decent bet.

4. Don’t always bet on the favourite, though

Although this might go slightly against point three, it would be wise to consider all the options before placing a bet with the favourite. Just because someone is favoured by a bookmaker or sportsbook, it does not necessarily mean they will always perform and be the winner.

Just like in many physical sports, individuals or teams in esports may have a bad day or might not be in the form that they should be in; thus, looking around at statistics is always a good way to see if a trend can be exploited.

5. Types of bets and bonuses

When bettors are ready to place a bet, they will likely be greeted with a number of different markets that they can place a wager on. Choosing the right one to place a bet on can be challenging, but that is the fun of betting on the action.

Gamblers will likely have the choice to bet prior to the action, or they will have the chance to bet whilst the action is taking place – this is known as ‘live betting’. This particular method can be potentially lucrative compared to outright betting, as odds will continue to change as certain things happen within the gameplay.

Bonuses are also generally made available, thus checking out which bookmakers/sportsbooks provide the best ones prior to placing a bet could prove beneficial as they could provide some bigger rewards compared to when a bet is just placed.

However, it is important to pick the right time to use a bonus, though, as they will not always be available and may only be available for one use.

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