Winter 2016 Pusheen Box

Winter 2016 Pusheen Box Opening

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Pusheen Box has now been around for 1 full year – with the first box appearing in Winter 2015. The box is a quarterly subscription service full of cute officially licensed and exclusive Pusheen merchandise. It is by far my favorite Kawaii Subscription Box and I’ve been a subscriber since the Spring Pusheen Box. Each box includes a wide variety of items ranging from home goods, to toys, to clothing and wearable items.

The Winter 2016 Pusheen Box features a ton of cute items. Take a look at my photos below!

First look at the cute packaging which was changed slightly this month to include a “bow”.

Opening it you will see that it is packed all the way to the top! This subscription box is always jam packed with really nice high quality items.

First item is a Pusheen Scarf

With the Scarf out of the way you can see more of the goodies in the box below.

It’s winter, which means for many of us, myself included, it’s cold outside, and also cold and flu season. What better way to find warmth and comfort than with a cup of warm tea! The cute Pusheen tea infuser is perfect for this.

This box includes a TON of scrap booking materials such as this Washi tape.

These Stickers

And this super cute wooden stamping set…

The exclusive Pusheen Box Winter 2016 Vinyl figure features Pusheen with a scarf and tiny Santa hat.

Next up, cute fingerless gloves with a pusheen face that can be buttoned back or worn over your fingers. This is handy because it lets you operate your smartphone etc without taking your gloves off.

The next item goes along with the Tea or Hot Cocoa theme or maybe even great for taking soup to work or school in a cute Stainless Steel Pusheen shaped thermos. The only downside is it is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand.

A set of Pusheen shaped Christmas lights – I need to get batteries for mine so I can put them up today before Christmas tomorrow. So cute! After Christmas they’ll be going in my doll room and decorating the window year round 🙂 Would have been better if they could be plugged in instead of battery operated though.

And that’s a wrap! 🙂 Thanks for reading – if you’d like to get your own Pusheen Box, the next one will ship in March 2017 and you can sign up at

This is not a paid review – I purchased the Pusheenbox on my own with my own money, and am always extremely satisfied with the quality and quantity and wide variety of items inside.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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