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Lovely Complex | LoveCom | Love*Com | Anime Review

Title: Lovely Complex (Also commonly referred to as Love*Com) Release Date: 2007 Episodes: 24 Based on: Manga by Aya Nakahara - There's also a live action movie but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a die hard fan of this series - definitely read the manga or watch the anime first at least. The movie tries to fit 24 episodes into an hour or 2 hour format. It just doesn't work. Too much has to be cut. It kinda just felt like watching a recap or highlight reel. There's also a videogame but to my knowledge it has not been translated. The manga also has a sequel focusing on Risa's little brother. Genre: Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life, Drama Where to Buy: Amazon has it for $32 for the Complete Series on DVD Geeky: 3/5  Sweetie: 5/5  Overall: 34 / 40 8

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