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Kimi No Na Wa – Your Name – Makoto Shinkai – 2016 Anime Full Length Featured Film Movie Review

I just got done watching Kimi No Na Wa, this year's record breaking summer box office smash that is still topping the charts for almost 3 months now in Japan. The film is directed by Makoto Shinkai who also made anime such as 5cm per second and voices of a distant star. All of his works follow a common theme of fated lovers who are separated by either distance or time. And Kimi No Na Wa is no exception to this overarching theme throughout his works. What is a slight departure from his previous works is the use of several vocal tracks throughout this film - Maybe this is the new hot trend in feature length anime films in Japan right now? Because "I've Always Liked You - Confess Your Love Committee" (which I reviewed here) also has about a half dozen vocal tracks. - Kimi no na wa ha...

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