Where is Mobile Gaming Headed and What Can we Expect In the Future?

Where is Mobile Gaming Headed and What Can we Expect In the Future?

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Where is Mobile Gaming Headed - and What Can we Expect In the Future?



The figures are in and they tell us that mobile gaming is going to stick around for the long haul after all. Gamers the world over are making the move from traditional PC and console gaming to mobile gaming, and it’s not hard to understand why. Mobile games are portable, dynamic, and just as exciting as tradition games. 


Today we’ll be looking at mobile gaming; where it is headed, and what we can expect from it. 


The Leading Countries for Mobile Games 

There’s no doubt that mobile gaming has become popular in plenty of countries, but one country has seen more mobile games downloaded than any other, and that country is China. China is home to just under a third of all mobile game installations in the world, with the US coming in second place at 11%. Brazil comes in third with 5%, but other countries are quickly catching up. Around two-thirds of all mobile game installations occur in these three countries, along with Russia, Mexico, Japan, and the United Kingdom. 

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As well as asking what country gamers come from, it’s also important to ask which devices they use. It’s pretty easy to answer this question for China, where 32.5% of people playing mobile games do so through an iOS device. Just under 20% of US mobile gamers are using iOS devices. 30.7% of all the games installed in China are installed on Android phones, while only 8.8% of mobile gamers in America are on the platform. 


Mobile Gaming Growth 

To keep it simple; the mobile gaming industry is ever-expanding. It’s expanding right now. It’s probably even expanded a little in the time it’s taken you to read this sentence. A report was released that states mobile gaming revenues have grown 23% for the past couple of years, reaching a grand total of $30 billion a year. If this figure wasn’t impressive enough, keep in mind that it’s only going to get bigger and bigger are more people move to mobile. 


The Future of Mobile Gaming 

Some brands are better established than others, and more popular as a result. That includes Marvel, thanks to Marvel: Contest of Champions, and Mortal Kombat, thanks to Mortal Kombat X. Even so, other brands like Need for Speed, FIFA, and Angry Birds remain popular. 

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As mobile gaming advances, the games will include more features gamers love and offer better graphics. The quality of these games will reach previously unheard of levels. Mobile slots are already proving this. They are one of the simplest forms of mobile gaming around, and are bringing in the crowds because of their themes, resolutions, and quality. Some of the most popular mobile games around today are casino and slot games, partly thanks to the range of features such as chat capabilities, offering real money, and their sheer simplicity. Click here to find out more about these games. 


It's expected that this evolution of mobile gaming will only stay strong. Just about everyone owns a smartphone these days, and the number of mobile online searches is outdoing desktop searches. It’s only a matter of time before mobile gaming follows this trend. 


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