Coral Island Kickstarter For Inclusive Farming Simulation Game

One good kickstarter deserves another I guess. This is the second kickstarter I’m blogging about today, and is in some ways quite similar to the previous Ova Magica. Both kickstarters are still active at time of this posting.

This next kickstarter is titled Coral Island, and it aims to make inclusivity a big focus of its game. Bringing in characters of different races and ethnic backgrounds.

The gameplay itself looks fun. You date the townsfolk while tending the farm. You even have children and watch them grow into teens. And the other people of the village also grow older as well.

The one thing I really dislike is how slow the playable character walks – I hope they speed that up because that will annoy the hell out of me otherwise.

Still a cute game with a lot of promise. Already successfully funded. Check out Coral Island on Kickstarter.

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