Beacon Pines Kickstarter Game Where Words Can Alter The Fate Of Furrie Characters

I did back a third game yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to post about it yet. If you haven’t already checked out the other two posts yesterday for Ova Magica and Coral Island you can click their names to read them now.

Beacon Pines is entirely different from the above “farming games”. Instead, Beacon Pines bills itself as a “Cute and Creepy” Adventure game where “Words You Fine Can Change The Course Of Fate”. It’s also featuring cute anamorphic or furrie characters.

They do have a demo that we can play. I haven’t tried it yet as of time of this review. It’s only 7 something in the morning here right now. lol. And I didn’t notice the demo last night when I backed them on kickstarter. I am excited to play.

Beacon Pines on Steam

“This is a splendid creation, superbly written, with spellbinding art, and a unique approach to telling a story.” Kotaku “Beacon Pines is a cozy horror game that hides an emotional mystery beneath cute characters” PC Gamer “Enjoyed every minute of it” Rock Paper Shotgun © Hiding Spot LLC.

I like how the game looks, I like how the game sounds, and I like the gameplay concept. Another reviewer said that it’s like mad libs except you might get someone killed or completely alter their life.

Check out Beacon Pines on Kickstarter or download their demo.