Ova Magica – Adorable Farming Monster Taming Game With Inspiration From Azure Dreams

Ova Magica – Adorable Farming Monster Taming Game With Inspiration From Azure Dreams

I stumbled across a pretty cute farming game on kickstarter and just had to back it. Especially after I read where their inspiration was coming from with some of my favorites listed like Azure Dreams and Jade Cocoon – and of course the usual suspects, harvest moon, pokemoon, and etc.

Almost no one nowadays remembers Azure Dreams – It’s one of my favorite games of all times. The playstation version – I heard there was a gameboy version but they removed almost all basic game mechanics like dating sim aspects and so on – never played that one – and gladly not.

I’d all but almost forgotten about Jade Cocoon and its sequel – I also loved those games immensely.

I am hoping maybe this kickstarter will get some improved graphics at some point? I’m totally cool with the blobs and anime chibi human characters. It’s cute. What I’m not as cool with is low poly count or kinda textureless very low detail characters, blobs, and environments…. But knowing that it’s just a concept video, I took a chance, and even if graphics don’t improve, gameplay looks solid enough to carry it through.

Anyways I’m super super super excited about this game. If you want in on it at an all time low price you can go over to kickstarter and back it too. The campaign is still live for another 2 weeks but has already been funded so no worries about your money being ganked for nothing.

Join the Kickstarter here: Ova Magica


In the words of the creator:

Ova Magica is a single-player game, combining the farming and monster taming genre with life sim elements!”

It features many things we come to expect in these games:

Farming, Dating, Monster Raising, Fishing, Bug Catching, etc.

Stay Tuned To The Creators’ Kickstarter Or Social Media For More News

PS: They are having a design a blob contest for free copies of the game at launch. Check it out if you can’t afford to back the game right now.

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  1. Shelly

    Oh wow, that looks interesting! And hearing the names Monster Rancher, Jade Cocoon, and Azure Dreams brings back a TON of nostalgia. I lived and breathed Monster Rancher 2 when I was younger. I loved the disc swap gimmick.

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