Free Guy Movie Review

Free Guy Movie Review

Free Guy is the best film of 2021.

Here’s why:

You’ll love Free Guy if you’re a gamer!

First of all, I’m a huge gamer. You have to be a gamer to “get” Free Guy. If you’re not a gamer, this is one to skip. But for me, it’s my favorite film of the year. Not all will agree. My husband said 20 minutes into the movie that he didn’t understand it. I explained it by referencing Dead Pool, another film starring Ryan Reynolds. In Dead Pool, the main character realizes he’s inside a comic book. In Free Guy, “Guy” (Ryan Reynolds) realizes he’s inside a video game. Realizing that they cannot die, and that nothing they do matters, they develop an almost god like complex. But in Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds is actually a good guy and motivated by love.

After awhile, my husband did catch on, and he did enjoy the movie. So maybe non-gamers can enjoy this film too. They’ll just be really confused by all the gamer jokes and references.

You see, Guy is an NPC “Non Playable Character” and everyone in Guy’s circle of friends, yep, they’re also NPCs. The movie opens by telling you that Sunglass People are like gods and can do anything. Meanwhile, for Guy and his friends, they continuously repeat the same thing every day. They wake up, wear only one outfit, order only one type of coffee, go to one job, and even know a scheduled time when banks will be robbed or people will be shot, because it happens at the exact same time every single day.

Interesting Characters and Concepts

Guy is an interesting character. He is super nice and sweet. I know Ryan Reynolds is a huge fan favorite – but I never pay much attention to hollywood who’s who. But anyone, after watching this movie, could have a little fan girl crush on Ryan Reynolds now. He is so cute and sweet and innocent awwww.

Guy lives in a really violent and dangerous video game. There’s tanks and planes and cars and guns and crazy stuff happening everywhere at all times. It’s the most popular video game and has a lot of “Sunglass People” who are actually real people using their virtual reality headsets to play the game.

NPCs are not supposed to break their routine or talk to or approach Sunglass People. They are just supposed to be background characters. The players often enjoy abusing and killing the NPCs for their own amusement.

However, one girl is playing the game for a different reason. She believes the game is based on stollen code that she and her friend developed together. Their game had very advanced AI “Artificial Intelligence” and the NPCs were supposed to be able to learn and grow through interacting with the players. And the original game was a peaceful game in a forest of butterflies and unicorns, not the violent “Free City” that Guy lives in now.

The artificial intelligence was supposed to each have a secret desire that would motivate them and determine their actions. Guy is the hopeless romantic. He’s been alone all his life, but yet, Guy still believes in love. He dreams of finding “The One” and he truly believes she is out there and they will meet and it’ll be just like in the movies. A love to last a lifetime.

Well as fate would have it, Guy’s ideal woman was modeled after a real life woman, who just happens to be this one player in the game. When Guy sees her, his AI awakens and he will do anything to fill his desire to be with her. It’s a sweet but sad love story, because Guy is not real. And unlike Bicentennial Man, Guy never does become real.

It has something for everyone – Action, Comedy, and Romance!

At the heart of this violent action movie is a love story (and a whole lotta comedy). It has a little bit of vulgarity – But not as much as Deadpool – still not one for your kids though. At one point Guy’s making inappropriate homosexual jokes (because he doesn’t understand it’s inappropriate) This could still be in poor taste and offensive to a lot of people. But Free Guy is not the first show to be unconventionally offensive (Southpark, anyone?). Some shows do this to call attention to uncomfortable societal norms and injustices. Other shows use it as adding shock value, but whatever the reason, it can still sometimes offend people. So if you’re easily offended, this film may not be for you. At another point, a character tells guy he’s so “Deep” (emotionally/intellectually) that he can taste his dick. (WTF lol. It was funny though) – At another point a player is T-Bagging an NPC he just killed, and lots of other funny moments like this. A very WTF – but geeky/gamery sense of humor.

Free Guy Has A Powerful Motivational Message Hidden Inside Crude Humor And Violent Action

What can Free Guy teach us? What does it want us to take away after watching the film. A few things:

The most important thing that Free Guy teaches us, is that every day when we wake up, we have the power to change the world. We have the power to do anything. No matter who you are, where you are. No matter if the world is a terrible place. We can all do our part to make the world better.

When the world you live in is violent and cold and uncaring, at the core, there is still love, and friendship. There is still hope. Every day is a new day to reinvent yourself, learn something new, travel somewhere new, try something new, talk to someone new. Every day is a new day.

There are a lot of people in the “real world” who feel stuck and want to break free from the dullness of their routines. Everyday in the real world, we wake up, probably eat or drink the same thing, follow the same path to work, work the same job every day, talk to and see the same people every day.

Are we just NPCs in our own lives? Are the people around us just background characters? Are we powerless and helpless in a violent world?

Remember, even in that violent world, Guy had a smile and he was happy. He had friends he loved. He had happiness. Even in a dull routine, you have to find your own happiness… But…

If you’re really unhappy with your life – then change it. Find a way. Be like Guy. Sure, you can’t just put on glasses and see the world differently, but you can change your attitude and look at things in a new way.

Try a new drink, take a different path to work, talk to someone new. If you don’t like your work, find a new place to work, or try to learn new skills and get a promotion or change careers.

If you want love, go out and find it. Be like Guy, let nothing stop you from going after your dreams.

And in the end, even if you have to let go of that one dream – go out and find a new dream.

When Guy’s dream came to an end – was he sad? Probably yes – but he also discovered that when one dream ends, a road of endless possibilities lies ahead. When she asked what he will do now, he answered “Anything I want”. This is the message the movie wants to impart.

Every day is a new day to do anything that you want.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll wish Free City or Life Itself were real games

Think of how awesome The Sims and other casual games (my favorite genre of gaming) would be, if Artificial Intelligence could be like Free Guy and truly develop its own personality of endless possibilities. Or maybe you prefer the ultra violent action of Free City. (Not my taste, but who am I to judge what games you play). I have always been fascinated by AI (Artificial Intelligence). I love movies like I Robot, Bicentenial Man, Chobits, Absolute Boyfriend, and Plastic Memories that show us a futuristic AI with human emotions and feelings – I hope someday in my lifetime that will become a reality. For now it may be science fiction. But science fiction inspires the dreams and realities of tomorrow.