Apple Iphone 13 Fact VS Fiction

Apple’s newest mobile phone is rumored to be revealed as early as next week. With Iphone 13 just days away, the internet had been buzzing with many exciting rumors and a few leaked spec sheets. No one knows for sure what to expect, but one thing’s for sure, Apple 13 is going to be the next big thing that everyone wants.

I love my Iphone 12 Pro – which I’ve only had for about 7 or 8 months now. I am 40 years old. My first Iphone was the 6S. Before that I had many androids, including the very first ones with the slide out keyboard. I’m actually honestly more interested in Apple’s new clamshell flip phone, but that one is still a year or two away.

I’ve left apple and gone to Google Pixel and loved it – except Android’s security isn’t great for someone like me who downloads millions of games and apps. When my camera started turning on by itself especially while I was getting dressed, I traded it in for the Iphone 12. My Iphone 12 died right near the end of my contract and because the battery is internal my insurance cost more than the cost of upgrading, so I now own an Iphone 12 Pro in the midnight blue color.

I grew up in times before cellphones existed. Sure, I had my gameboys (including the OG black and white one – 90 kids represent, yo!) and gamegear and other handheld entertainment systems, but nothing could compare to the powerful little mini computers we carry with us today aka our beloved cell phones.

I play a ton of games on my Iphone, as evident by many reviews here on my blog. I pay my provider for unlimited 5G uncapped unmetered unslowed data. And it’s all worth it in the end to me, as a gamer. Streaming anime, Korean dramas, or Netflix is another big plus of these powerful pocket computers, making travel, or waiting at doctors’ offices, or even breaks a breeze. Remember when bathrooms used to have books inside them? LOL… Now phones are kings of the world. — You can even use productivity tools to get work done, including editing spreadsheets, word docs and more. Or host and join virtual meetings with your phone’s camera. Speaking of cameras, I take dozens of pictures every day and love uploading them all to social media.

As phones become more powerful, they use more data and put more demand on the provider’s networks. Some providers experimented with data caps and slowing users down after a certain amount of data was used. But they quickly learned that consumers were willing to pay for the fastest most reliable 5G data. But how fast is 5G really?

To demonstrate the power of 5G, I decided to run a speed test using SpeedCheck – Here’s what I discovered.

I blocked out my IP address – but the rest of the image is unaltered.

Here’s how to run your own speed test:

  • Go to
  • If using a mobile device, make sure you turn off Wifi so that you’re testing your phone’s speed – and not your home computer’s speed.
  • Click the button that says “Start Test”
  • You can allow location if you want to, I think it might use this to try to pick servers close to your location maybe. I didn’t turn on location testing and it still worked for me.
  • Wait about 5 seconds
  • See your speed test results

It’s that easy!

Will the new Iphone 13 be faster than the Iphone 12?

Here are some rumors about the certain features that could cause the Iphone 13 to be faster than the Iphone 12.

It’s important to note that these rumors have not been confirmed by Apple, and we won’t know for sure until Apple themselves make their big reveal.

Phone Arena is claiming Iphone 13 will be Wi-Fi 6E for the first time. This will allow the phone to perform better in congested network areas – perfect for folks living in large cities, or even quiet country townhouses or apartments with your neighbor’s networks all around you.

Meanwhile, Forbes is speculating that only the Pro and Max versions of Iphone 13 will have the fastest internet connectivity speeds thanks to AIP (Antenna In Package) to give 5G mmWave devices a 16 times faster speed boost over the standard and mini Iphone 13 models.

The same article also points out another big rumor about the different Iphone 13 models, being the Lidar cameras with better nightvision and wide angle lenses. There’s even been speculation about adding more lenses to the Iphone 13 Pro and Pro Max models too.

It would be a step back for standard and mini Iphone users over last year’s Iphone 12 if Forbes is correct in that only Pro and Max will have 5G mmWave connectivity. Because, according to this article here from Cult of Mac, last year’s Iphone 12, at least for those of us in the United States, had 5G mmWave connectivity in every Iphone, even the standard and mini. – Cult of mac is taking it a step further now and saying that this 5G mmWave capability will be present in more Iphones in other countries around the world – no longer just limited to the United States – as was the case with the Iphone 12.

Again, these are just rumors. We won’t know anything until Apple’s announcement.

Perhaps it will be some combination of both of these rumors proving to be true – perhaps USA will keep 5G mmWave in all of its models and now other nations will have a chance to experience the 16 times faster connection speeds in the Pro and Max models. – We will have to wait and see how this plays out.

So aside from internet speed what other exciting rumors are there? We’ve already discussed too the improved cameras. While all of the iphones are expected to get camera enhancements, as always, the biggest improvements will be seen on the Pro and Max Iphone 13 variants.

Touch Id could be making a return on Iphone 13 too, thanks in part to COVID-19. It’s hard to use Face-ID when wearing a mask – am I right? CNET shares this and other rumors in their Apple 13 article here. – However, many more recent articles say this rumor is just not true.

There are some aesthetic enhancements as well. The biggest one being getting rid of, or at least shrinking, the notch at the top center of the display. When the notch first came out, I hated it with a passion. But now, honestly, I barely even notice it! You look at it so much, it just eventually doesn’t matter anymore honestly. I also heard that humans actually see their own nose 24/7 every day but we just get used to it and don’t notice it anymore. I can just barely maybe see the bridge slightly of mine, but it’s another example of when we see something, we stop seeing it. – 2 or 3 years ago I would have been hyped up about getting rid of that ugly notch, but now it’s less important to me.

There is one really big aesthetic rumor I’m praying comes true – and that’s for a pink Iphone. I have a pink desk, pink razer laptop, pink mouse, pink headset, and love everything pink. There’s been pink Iphones in the past – I think it was Iphone 4 perhaps? and there’s been Rose Gold consistently almost every year until very recently.

There’s 2 renders – One is admittedly a fake artist rendition – and it’s the one I’d love to have. I’m serious Apple if you’re out there and you give me this color Iphone – I no lie – LEGIT – would go drop $2,000 or whatever for the Pro or Max version with best cameras and biggest hard drives – but if you just put it on the mini and standards… I dunno… I legit like do NOT know if I would buy the mini or standard JUST BECAUSE IT’S PINK – and skip out on the camera upgrades and bigger hard drives. – I might JUST do it – Because I LOVE THIS COLOR SO MUCH. Apple, where you at on that Pink Iphone?! Apple Insider shares this other leak of this monstrosity… This is NOT pink – get out of here with this garbage looking piece of bleep.

The pink below – which unfortunately the artist admits is a fake render – is the ONLY Pink Iphone I want in my life. Just like Product Red – for aids – why don’t they do Product Pink for breast cancer – there’s a nice tax writeoff there for you Apple – and give us girly girls what we want. Bubblegum Pink Iphones – Make it happen!!! – I’d also like to see your Green return – I had the Green 11 and I loved it. Tiffany Blue is another of my favorite colors. Don’t get me wrong, I like the purple too, but that green though – that was legit. But let’s see some feminine colors on the Pro and Max – girls want better cameras and hard drives too – not just dudes. But we also want pretty colors. The choice is hard, and it’s not fair we’d have to decide between form and function – Why not both?

Give me pink, or give me death!

Speaking of Hard Drives, another rumor suggests the Pro and Max will offer 1 Terrabyte Hard drives for the first time – I have SO MANY APPS!!!!! I have a Japanese Itunes account, American Itunes Account, Korean Itunes account – and etc… I LEGIT have probably 3,000 apps. – And I play only like 10 of them “regularly” (once a week, etc). lol. But yessss Hard Drive upgrades PUHLEASSSE!!! Thank you.

The rumor mills are buzzing with many more incredible Iphone 13 rumors.

Tell me, which Iphone 13 rumors are you most excited about?