Fall In Love With These New Songs For Fall 2021

I sometimes like to just share songs I’m listening to. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know by now that my music taste is very eclectic. I listen to just about anything, from KPOP, American top 40, 80s, 90s, oldies, indie music, anime theme songs, covers, whatever.

Here’s what I’m listening to this week.

I am inspired to create this post today by my discovering TXT’s new English song “Magic”. – I previously shared TXT’s other English track “Cats and Dogs” – Their English was not very good – But I still love that song – but now, in 2021, they have been working really hard on their English skills – This new track is perfect. I can understand them just fine now. They’ve come a long ways! Their dancing is just too cute too.

So without further ado…

1.) TXT – Magic

Also even though it’s not in English, their new song Loser Lover also slaps. Listen to it here:

2.) Vault Boy & Eric Nam – Everything Sucks

This is funny and catchy and kinda in the vibe of the pandemic and relatable to anyone with a broken heart or just sick of this pandemic. – And Eric is cute 🙂

3.) Jay B – B.T.W. Featuring Jay Park

I’ve been a fan of Jay Park for a long time. I haven’t heard of Jay B until now. This is really catchy. I turned on subtitles because it’s mostly in Korean except for a few lines in the chorus. It’s about a guy spending money on his girlfriend and the rapper lifestyle. “24 Everyday you’re my baby” – That’s gonna be stuck in my head for awhile lol. – They both have such pretty eyes and cute smiles lol.

4.) BTOB – Outsider

Kinda a 50’s Swing Vibe or something here – but their dancing is damn fire…. The red hair guy with the rap interlude is super sexy. But the blonde lead singer/dancer is cute, and I can’t take my eyes off him when the group is dancing. His eyes lock right into the camera and it’s hard to look away. – Sorry I don’t know their names. I’m not really a Stan. I just enjoy listening and watching 🙂

5.) Jonah Kagen – Wish You Did

This song is catchy and cute – and a lil sad – but very melodic. I’d never heard of this guy. But he’s quite talented.

6.) Jonah Kagen – Moon

So I decided to listen to a few more songs by Jonah – and I found this one. Another sad / sweet love song.

7.) Lee Hi – Only

This video is so damn cute and sweet – and a little sad – as she watches an old couple walk by, and gently fixes her boyfriend (or husband’s) shirt collar – already in the first ten seconds – you can tell it’s a tear jerker.

There’s some talented fans doing covers already of this beautiful song

8.) JMIN – Dedication (featuring Jay Park)

They’re so cute – their English is perfect too. – The lyrics are a little harsh – but well… We’re all in love with money sometimes – I mean how else can I buy dolls and video games and the newest Iphone – I’m a material girl – and this is a material world LOL.

9.) JMIN – I Swear

So I’d never heard of JMIN, so I started looking at his other songs – they’re all great. This one is even catchier than the one above. – He’s obviously dealing with a breakup or broken heart to inspire his lyrics lol.

10.) Kihyun – Little Bit Of Love Cover

Why is he so handsome? lol.

I am a fan of the original too…

Monsta X has a new song premiering tomorrow too… Set your calendars:

And in case you missed it, this was their most recent song back in June:

11.) HyunA & Dawn – Ping Pong

Never heard of them – but this song is awesome! Check it.

12.) Woosung – Lazy – Featuring Reddy

This should be my theme song – seriously – my favorite thing to do is lay in bed, or do nothing, nap, or play games, or watch anime, or other lazy things. I could do it for a few months without being bored – COVID was nothing for me – I don’t need to go out to have fun, I have fun all by myself lol.

13.) MCND – Movin’

Never heard of them – but I’m loving this.

They did a cover of BTS Dynamite. Pretty Good!

14.) Jason Derulo – Acapulo

The chorus is super catchy – “Oh oh, you’re just a little loco. Like boats in Acapulo, I’m just riding waves. Baby, Oh oh, you’re just a little loco. Emotions like a yo-yo. I love you that way.”

15.) Diane Warren, Rita Ora, Sofia Reyes, Reik – Seaside

Diverse and talented cast on this girl power breakup jam. – I want that sparkly swimsuit coverup – that’s so pretty.

16.) Sub Urban & Bella Poarch – Inferno

Nice visuals and a catchy beat

17.) Oliver Tree & Little Big – Turn It Up – Featuring Tommy Cash

LOL WTF DID I JUST WATCH?! LOL I kinda love it for making me laugh so hard.

They have some other funny songs:

I kinda hate this, because I have PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – and one of the symptoms is facial hair due to higher testosterone – I hated Wolf on Wallstreet for the same reason – among other issues – degrading to women – But well – This music video is funny and catchy – and a little nair or waxing and no one knows about my hairy problem LOL. I could always go join the circus as the bearded woman I guess lol.

18.) Mia Rodriguez – Billion Dollar Bitch – Featuring Young Baby Tate

Mia is so cute – and this song is so catchy.

19.) Oneus – No Diggity

Never heard of them – but they’re very talented.

20.) Dawn – Dawndididawn – Featuring Jessi

I’ve heard of Jessi but not Dawn – this song is catchy too

21.) Blackbear – Do Re Mi

The cats are cute lol – but the song is catchy too. “Do Rei Mi Fa So Fucking Done With You, Girl. So fucking done with all the games you played, I ain’t no Tic Tac Toe. So save the X and O’s on another note. I’m ghost.”

22.) 777 Triple 7 – Presente

I’ve never heard of this group – but I love that it has both girls and boys in the band. I haven’t seen a KPOP band like this.

23.) The Knocks – Bedroom Eyes

This video is so fun.

24.) Glass Animals – Space Ghost Coast To Coast

As a 90s Kid, I loved Space Ghost – Plus it references other 90s things like Dunkaroos, GTA, Doom, Quake, Nintendo, Pokemon and Capri Sun. 90s kids – this one’s for us. – And yes it’s weird AF – all the weird naked men…. lol.

By the way, I absolutely LOVE Heat Waves by Glass Animals. The first time I heard it on the Billboard Music Awards this year – it became one of my favorite songs of 2021. Highly recommend.

Tangerine is another great track by Glass Animals

25.) The Academic – Not Your Summer

A small indie band with only 80,000 followers on Youtube. Let’s show them some love. They’re very talented.

26.) AJR And Daisy The Great – Record Player

I didn’t know how I felt about this song at first. But by time it was halfway done, it was stuck in my head lol.

I like all of AJR’s songs really. I’m actually going to go see them Live in Pittsburgh in May 2022. Here are some of my favorite’s:

27.) Imagine Dragons – Wrecked

I love Imagine Dragons too. Here’s their newest song.

28.) James Arthur – September

A sweet song with a powerful voice.

29.) Dirty Heads – Vacation

I like the positivity of this song. It reminds me of the message of Free Guy – if you don’t like your life, change it!

30.) Winner – Hold

This is a cute video – the guy with glasses on the bed is very handsome 🙂

31.) Valley – Oh Shit, Are We In Love?

This is catchy too.

32.) DJ Snake, Lauv – A Different Way

Might be my favorite song on this list – it’s so catchy!!

33.) OK GO – That One Moment

This is fun to watch 🙂

This one is also catchy even though it’s older

34.) Bleachers – Rollercoaster

Youtube kept recommending this to me tonight, even though it’s from 2014… but I’m so glad it recommended this amazing song!!! They’re actually going to be in Pittsburgh next week but I have a schedule conflict unfortunately but this song is damn fire!

35.) Grouplove – Ways To Go

They love to make fun of Kim Jong-un… There’s 2 or 3 songs in this list making fun of him (The funniest is Lollybomb). This song is catchy though 🙂

36. Tri.Be – Rub-A-Dum

Never heard of them, but loving this colorful fun video with kinda india vibes.

37. Daoi Freyr X ASDI – Feel The Love

Never heard of them either, but this song is a smash hit. Already stuck in my head.

38. 4MIX – Y U Comeback?

Never heard of them – but they – and this song – are super hot!

39. Area21 – Pogo

I really like the video – and I do like the song – even though it’s like the opposite of me / my life especially now (newlyweds lol). But still catchy.

40.) Sunmi – You Can’t Sit With Us

I like that the chorus is in English.

41.) Gray – I Don’t Love You

Great breakup song

42.) BTS X Megan Thee Stallion – Butter

BTS keeps remixing Butter – here’s one with Megan thee stallion

They also have an accapella version with Pentatonix

43.) Purple Kiss – Zombie

Just in time for Halloween – and with over 7 million views in the first 24 hours

44.) WayV, Ten&YangYang – Low Low

Awesome English KPOP Song “Don’t keep my love on the low low”

45.) Omega X – Vamos

Lil bit of Spanish in this one

46.) SF9 – Tear Drop

Never heard of them either – but another good KPOP song. A little slower / sadder

47.) ONEWE – Rain To Be

Beautiful – cinematics and song – and eye candy boys lol

48.) STAYC – Stereotype

14 million views in 3 days

49.) N.Cus – Get Out

Never heard of them – but this new song is really catchy

50.) EPEX – Lock Down

And another KPOP Boy Band I haven’t heard of until just now – Nice rap flows.

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