Dollfie Dream Dream Choice DDH26 M02 Slim DDS Boy Arrival Unboxing Comparrison

Dollfie Dream Dream Choice DDH26 M02 Slim DDS Boy Arrival Unboxing Comparrison

Before we begin, sprinkled in this post are random pics of my dollfie dreams. At the end of my post are comparison pics between different doll bodies. I recently purchased two new Dollfie Dream from a proxy called Sophie Alice aka Sophie Bear on Facebook. You can contact her through Facebook messenger for details on purchasing your own Dollfie Dream Dream Choice Or DCoord. These rare wonderful Dollfie Dream are only available in physical stores in Japan.

This is my second time purchasing a Dollfie Dream Dream Choice using different proxies. The first time I purchased a Dollfie Dream Dream Choice DDH16 Boy on the larger boy body via Japan Doll Direct. You can read my review of that experience here.

By the way if you want to see nude photos of the two boy bodies to help you decide which one to buy, these are not my photos, but I found such photos on Doll Dreaming forums. Honestly, there’s not much difference except in height and thickness of the bodies.

So let’s talk a little bit about why I decided to purchase these dolls. Rewind back to 2019, I had just purchased airfare and hotel reservations to travel to Japan in Spring of 2020. Then COVID happened… and the rest is history. Japan shut down its borders and has pretty much been in a state of emergency ever since then. It has been my lifelong dream to travel to Japan. Anyone that visits my blog often knows I love anime, video games, manga, kawaii – anything – and most importantly, love Japanese anime-style dolls and figures such as Azone, Obitsu, Smartdoll, and Volks – to name a few.

Obviously, I was devastated from my 40+ year-long dream in the making – being paid for – and then falling through my fingertips. I did get a refund – and decided instead to go to Disney – but then COVID hit home and Disney closed too – I got married 2 weeks ago and in about 2 more weeks I am leaving for Disney World…. I wish I was leaving for Japan lol. But Disney World will still be awesome. I will take one of my Dollfie Dream and take lots of photos.

If there’s one thing I’m overzealous about it’s taking photos of my Dollfies.

Anyways back to present days. I ordered a Dollfie Dream Dream Choice DDH26 M02 Slim DDS Boy with the new Wk-24 eyes and F11/F11-2 wig. At the same time, I also ordered a Dollfie Dream D’Coord DDH18. The difference with Dream Choice is you choose the faceup, eyes, and wig, while with D’Coord it’s a randomly selected/assembled doll. There are some heads that are specific only to D’Coord and not available via Dream Choice, and DDH18 happens to be one of those heads. DDH11 and 15 – and I think 09 and 08 – are also only available via D’Coord. I’m still trying to find myself a DDH11 – I might have found one a few days ago – waiting to hear back from (a different) proxy (than the one I used here). – 09 and I think 08 – have been released as blank heads – as well as had the previous Dream Choice only DDH16 which is what my other Dollfie Dream Boy is.

The DDH26 head and the WK eyes and F series wig was just released maybe a month or two ago. And as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I actually had a refund from this proxy – through no fault of her own – UPS (a shipping company in America) lost my package. UPS always refunds the shipper not the receiver – so my proxy had my funds from the last time I tried to purchase a DDH18 (back in May or June) before the new boy heads and eyes and wigs were released.

I offered a $200 cash reward via flyers, papers, and social media, but no one ever came forward with my missing package. RIP to the DDH18 that’s probably laying in a landfill somewhere or being roughly played with by neighbors’ toddler children – It had a different faceup than the DDH18 I received now – but honestly, I like the one I received better – wig and faceup – so it all worked out! In the end – after a very stressful 4-5 months of UPS investigations and conversations back and forth with the Proxy and the Japanese company Yamato. But it all got resolved in the end.

So after such a long wait, you can’t imagine how excited I was to receive this package and thankful they arrived safe and sound. I moved recently since I had gotten married so no more nasty porch pirate neighbors – fingers crossed. To be extra careful, I asked my proxy to ship her with insurance and to require a signature this time. She told me it was only $4 extra – worth every penny. I never would have thought someone would steal my package. In my 40 years of life, it never happened to me. – It happened twice to other family members living in that location after this incident too. Times are hard for people, Coronavirus and Unemployment – and everything else. I wonder what they thought when they opened it and saw a large 2 and a half foot tall “naked barbie doll” – with strange big eyes lol. I hope they gave it to a child – It is sad to think they thought it had no value and dumped it in a landfill somewhere. – You can still see pics of this doll I never received back on my instagram and facebook back when the proxy sent my photos back in May or June.

But thankfully the new one is much cuter anyways. I’m in love with her faceup, eyes, and turquoise wig. The other one was also a tan DDP – but it had a different heavy makeup style faceup and red vampire-like eyes lol. This girl is much sweeter and innocent-looking. Aww.

But what you guys really want to see is just how tall is the DDS Boy (Dollfie Dream Slim Boy) – well, as his initials may suggest – he’s almost exactly the same height as a DDS (Dollfie Dream Sister). Most people prefer to see boys a bit taller than the girls, so my favorite pairing is actually putting the DDS Boy with the DDP Dollfie Dream Pretty. In my case though, the DDH26 is very mature-looking. It almost reminds me of my resin asian balljointed dolls ABJD more than an anime Dollfie Dream. Perhaps this is Volks attempt at some Semi-Real looking dolls to compete with Smartdoll who has shifted focus heavily to their Semi-Real lineup. Either way, these heads are smaller proportion, which look nice actually on the Slim type boy bodies. Bravo.

Here are some comparisons. First a group photo. Not of all my dolls, but of nearly one of each size. I left out of this photo the DBS Dollfairy bodies because some facebook groups don’t like those bodies and claim they are recast – others have told me they’re not – but regardless since the photo was originally taken for someone asking about the height of the Slim boy on facebook, I nicely omitted the questionable DBS 1/3 and 1/4 from my lineup.

So what does that leave in this photo? From left to right and small to large we have: Volks MDD Mini Dollfie Dream, Azone Iris Petite, Volks Dollfie Dream Pretty DDP, Volks Dollfie Dream Sister DDS, Volks Dollfie Dream Slim Boy DDSB , Smartdoll Standard Girl, Standard Volks Dollfie Dream girl, original Volks DDB Dollfie Dream boy (both are still available via dream choice) and then Smartdoll macho type boy (he’s missing a head cap so he might be a lil taller even once that arrives. Tissue is just stuffed in there now lol).


I think this pairing could in fact work if either my DDSB had a more anime, young face, or if my MDD had a mature face. I don’t think the height difference is that bad.

DDSB With Azone Petite Iris

Again same comments, it’s not the height difference that is alarming here, but the overall youthfulness of the face of my Azone girl in comparison to the semi-real look of the DDH26.

DDSB With DDP (my Favorite)

I know it would look better with a more mature face on the DDP – or a more anime face on the boy – But these proportions are so darn perfect. The height is perfect. The width of the bodies is perfect. Perfect – everything except their faces don’t match. Gives me an excuse to buy another DDP or another boy later LOL. Still my favorite pairing though.


This pairing looks great too. They are almost exactly the same size.

DDSB With Smart Doll Girl

I’m taller than my husband in real life, so the fact that Smart Doll is a little taller than the Dollfie Dream Slim Boy doesn’t really bother me. The small delicate hands of Smartdoll look nice and feminine with the larger Dollfie Dream hands. And if she bends a little the height difference is not as noticeable really.

DDSB With Dollfie Dream DD Girl

My standard Dollfie Dream girl has a really unique funny anime faceup from some Asian artist on Yahoo Auction – I used to know her name – Clockwork Angel maybe? – And I love this doll a lot – but not with this boy LOL. Her height isn’t bad, about the same as a Smart Doll – Again if you bend her, she can look shorter or the same height as the DDSB boy. But the faces are so off that I can’t even help but laughing just looking at them. Honestly, this head would be better on a DDP or MDD – I just haven’t had money yet to put her on a better matching body. (Because I keep buying new complete dolls instead of bodies lol).

DDSB With DDB (The two different Volks boys)

Here are the two boys – I didn’t think to take photos without clothes but at the top of this article, I linked you to where you can see someone elses’ comparisons of the nude boy bodies. There is a large height difference but not much else different really.

DDSB With Smartdoll Macho Guy

This is the largest difference here. I don’t have a nude photo, but you can see even with clothes on, the Macho guy is super thick and muscular and the DDSB is super tiny next to him. I put this Macho guy together myself – and it was SO HARD. And I did it wrong about 20 times – and got pretty well roasted on social media lol. I THINK he’s together correctly now – but who knows lol. The head is a chaos infinity head with a custom faceup from Cuddle Puss Customs or Kustoms – something like that – an artist on Etsy. I hate that the head is so small on the big body. I would have prefered the Smartdoll Slim body – but this was all they had at the time – and nope never again – it hurt my hands way too much. I’ll wait til they have a boy who is assembled already lol. I might eventually sell him, but I dunno. I put so much work into him that it would feel like a waste, but I do not like the tiny shrunken head look at all lol. I’d also need to at least break even and recoup the costs of the body and the custom artist head.

For that same reason – in my humble opinion, I feel that the new Dollfie Dream DDH26 and DDH25 (and was there a boy 24 too? I can’t recall) look best on the DDSB – Slim Boy body – I fear that on the Standard DDB boy body, they would similarly have a case of tiny head big body – just like my poor macho Smartdoll guy lol.

But the Slim Body I think would still look cute with any of the more feminine anime round heads – because it could be a young shoujo style anime style looking boy and it might look quite cute despite being bobble head. I mean most of my girls are also kinda bobble head – it’s an anime look and I like it.

But the reverse, the tiny head on a big body – no thanks, not for me. See what I mean?

For those interested in the DDH18, here’s a ton of photos of her – she might be my favorite doll now – no lie.

And lastly, a few shots of everyone on my shelves – I have 4 of these shelves – room for 80 dolls total… and no where near that amount yet – but still growing – just ordered a head and cheap DBS body last week and as mentioned, might be getting a DDH11 – finally – if my proxy gets back to me. They contacted me yesterday that they found one for me, even though it’s used and not the faceup I really wanted, I’m still interested. Fingers crossed. :). So yup these shelves will be growing – but probably never fill up with 80 dolls in my lifetime lol. – I have about 20 now – displayed anyways – my resin gang is at my parents as I don’t really enjoy them anymore. Anime only please 🙂 lol.

I also took this video when we first set up my shelves – before the DDH18 and DDH26 arrived:

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