More Music For September 2021

More Music For September 2021

I shared a lot of music last week over here. But Monsta X just dropped a new English language single called One Day and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s so good! Thank you for catering to your English-speaking fans. We love you. And “Maybe One Day I’ll See YOU” in concert that is if you ever come to Pittsburgh – Please ๐Ÿ™‚

What else have I been listening to this week? Well how about this song by Dua Lipa with a new 80s-90s anime inspired music video – official, not fan made – that gives us vibes of Sailor Moon, Aishite Knight, Animal Crossing, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Creamy Mami, and other Magical Girl old school anime. The song is pretty good – but the video is awesome!

Thomas the tank… and he can’t touch her or he actually explodes… And some elton john style outfits… all equal wtf lol.

80s vibes here:

They’re so cute and I love this song:

These girls are cute too – Love their bright colored outfits!

The chorus of this song is very upbeat and catchy:

Another of my favorite girl groups:

Who says it has to just be asian girl groups, we’re all about diversity here:

Another group of culturally diverse queens:

Someone needs to tell them it’s pronounced “Ser-ber-is” – because it sounds like they are saying “We are Carebears” which is the opposite of scary – and the opposite of caring – since the song is pretty much about not giving a single F. Still a good song though lol. Also I guess I looked it up and in greek the correct pronounciation is Ker-ber-is with a hard K – so I guess – it works – it still sounds like they’re shouting “We are Carebears” which isn’t scary and quite funny.

And we shared a lot of girl groups, here’s a nice diverse English speaking guy group – looks like perhaps they have 1 girl too?

Also just discovered these 2 indie artists:

And one of my fave indie bands has a new video out:

She’s too cute to sound this badass lol

And then there’s this girl who’s getting popular who commentators say started off making indie videos in her bedroom.