More Past Life Readings Part 2

More Past Life Readings Part 2

Yesterday, I shared with you some of my recent past life readings in an article titled “Are Past Lives Real?” That article was already quite long, but I received two more of my readings today and they are a bit more of a fun read. One of them is an audio file and the other one has images of who I was in a past life – and those images honestly look a lot like my current self in this life.

First let’s take a look at the reading with the images. In this life I was a virgin priestess in Ancient Rome. Here are the 3 photos the psychic sent me. I don’t know if they’re random photos from google, or if she drew these – there are some people who are psychic artists. Either way, random photo, photo generating app, or skilled artist, I was surprised by how similar this woman looks to me. The shape of the nose, the shape of the face, chin, cheeks, the eyes, the lips, and the black curly hair.

As a young girl:

And as an older woman:

And here are some recent photos of me (with our new kitten we adopted a few weeks ago):

I have reddish brown highlights right now, but my natural color is only 2 shades away from a natural black.

Here’s some older photos of me with darker hair. The super dark ones (like my eyebrows) are my natural color.

I see a strong resemblance to the pictures provided by the psychic. Rounded jawline, oval face, dark curly hair, dark eyes, thick full eyebrows, thin small lips, etc.

Whether she did research (she did have my full name) and looked at pictures, or used her psychic intuition, who knows. But as mentioned in my previous post, there are some who believe we retain a lot of our physical appearance in each incarnation – and some even believe we reincarnate within our own bloodlines / future generations (which would also explain the resemblance due to genetics being passed down.)

So you might be wondering what my life as a virgin priestess in Ancient Rome was like. Here are the full details from the psychic reading.

In this life you lived in ancient Rome. You were a vestal virgin in a temple of Vesta, a position
that was given to you as a child and that pretty much sealed your whole fate in life. You were
also later believed to be clairvoyant/clairaudient and acted as a communicator to the divine at the
time. Whether or not you believe in clair senses or think you were just schizophrenic in this life,
based on your beliefs you truly believed you were able to receive those messages. You would get
visions of future events, of oracle’s to deliver to those you spoke to and those who came to you
seeking answers.
The people around you really trusted your guidance, it was because you had a very positive
energy about you. A lot of oracles or people who could receive divine messages were pretentious
or were very mysterious and silent. This wasn’t the case with you, you had a very bright
personality and were happy to talk to others. You always had a bright smile on your face when
you greeted new people and you made them feel warm just by being around them.
You had a lot of responsibilities at the temple other than just being a vestal virgin. Your duty of
maintaining the everlasting fire being the most important. You helped the high priestess a lot in
her delivery of offerings. You also really loved to memorize the hymns and you would write
them down to keep them memorized. It was something you did to distract yourself a lot, you
wrote. You would write divine messages that were given to you for others or that you just caught
glimpses of or heard pieces of. Unfortunately you were kept under strict rules in your position.
You were someone who people came to receive advice from. Not only were you really trusted for
your reliability to deliver trustworthy messages from the divine at times, but you also gave
extremely good advice. You had a certain deep level of understanding for situations that you’ve
never experienced, and a level of empathy that helped you find ways to solve other people’s
problems and to give them relief from grief.
You had two siblings growing up, a brother and a sister. Your sister was the oldest and your
brother was younger than you, you were the middle child. Your sister was married off and you
never really saw her much afterwards. She never made it a point to visit you or to send you any
messages through others, she was jealous you were selected. Your brother on the other hand
visited you often. You had a very close relationship, he looked up to you a lot as a person. He
thought you were very kind and were the type of selfless that perfectly reflected your position.
You never really had any romantic relationships as you were in a position that had more
freedoms than others and didn’t have to be married off. It was also required to remain a virgin if
you resided in Vesta’s temple. Breaking that vow would have led to you being buried alive. You
were very dedicated to your religion so it never really bothered you that you couldn’t fall in love
with anyone. You looked up to Vesta a lot anyway, you wanted to be like her. A catalyst of peace.
You were friends with pretty much everyone in the temple. You were an extremely positive and
happy person to be around, people with you felt at peace just like you had wanted them to.
People would also often comment about how beautiful you were, saying that you were blessed
by the gods for your kind heart.
You were a very curious person. You thought it was a divine gift that you were able to peer into
the unknown. You could see things and nobody else could and you thought that it was something
very meaningful. As if you had some kind of destiny or unperceivable fate.
In your childhood you always tried to mimic those around you. You wanted to be more like your
older sister, elegant and quiet just as you were told you should be. You didn’t have a big sense of
self in your childhood, because you were always trying to be someone else. When you were
selected to become a vestal virgin you began to develop your own personality and sense of self.
You melted your mask in a sense, this is when your selfless nature truly set in. You didn’t want to
be anyone else but yourself, and you wanted others to feel the same way. You wanted to make
other people feel comfortable around you.
You died a year or two before you completed your time as a vestal virgin. You were meant to be
one for 30 years as per usual, but you died in your 29th year. You were around 35. You caught an
illness and your health rapidly declined. The people thought it was a horribly bad omen for a
vestal virgin to die before their time was completed so your death caused a lot of panic.
This is what you looked like when you first started your duties as a vestal virgin
This is how you looked when you were older
*If you have any lingering questions or inquiries about this specific life, I would be happy
to answer free of charge
*The querent has full ownership over this PDF and may do with it whatever they please

I don’t know how much of that resonates with me – I mean I do think I am a selfless and giving person in this life – and when I’m not being shy or nervous or isolating myself I am often smiling and giggling and laughing. I feel I have a positive energy and good spirit still in this life. I probably would have liked having freedom and not being forced to marry. I don’t like the idea of arranged marriage and only would want to marry for love. If it wasn’t love and of my own free will, I don’t think I’d like it much at all.

In the readings from yesterday, more than one mentioned I was a mystic in past lives (could be this one here in Rome or others), and my own mother who is herself a self proclaimed psychic, tells me I am too, that I’m just more closed off to it for some reason. I do remember at least one past life dream of being a healer/medicine woman (another type of mystic). And the fact I can remember past life dreams at all or have even a mild interest in the psychic arts would indicate someone with those talents possibly. I do get deja vu randomly. I know what’s going to be said, and more than hearing it, I kinda see it. For example if we’re driving down the road, I’ll know a deer is about to jump out or get some other sense of anxiety – which often occurs simultaneously while I’m already feeling Deja Vu and silently asking myself “haven’t we had this conversation before?” I don’t feel it all the time, but once or twice a month it’ll hit me all of a sudden that I know where we are what’s going to be said and what’s going to happen even if it’s in a place I’ve never been to before.

Also the readings said I enjoyed isolation – in another life I was a monk as well. I also enjoyed writing in numerous lives – and clearly by my long worded blog posts – I enjoy writing in this life as well. The readings yesterday mentioned I loved wearing beautiful dresses – and this is another life that probably saw me wearing fine garments. And in my current life, I prefer dresses. I never understood why women in today’s society 2021, say dresses are uncomfortable. To me, they’re much more comfortable than pants – but maybe it’s because as other psychics have said, I have a very strong feminine energy and many past lives where I would have either had to, or chosen to, wear fancy dresses. I’ve loved dresses since a toddler, and had beautiful ones in this life too, and would spend hours playing dressup in front of the mirror all by myself – so the fact so many of my past lives find me wearing dresses and/or costumes/uniforms of some type resonates with me pretty strongly.

So that’s it for the first psychic reading I received today (These were all ordered at the same time, just some have taken longer to arrive) This one I think was only like $5 and worth it I feel like for the pictures alone – even if they’re from an app or off google – they did a good job picking ones that actually look like me, which freaks me out a little, but I’m not scared by past lives, if anything it’s a comforting thought, just like heaven, or an afterlife, or anything else. And for me in my own personal beliefs, it’s not an either or, I think there’s both, heaven and reincarnation. I think you stay in heaven awhile (hundreds of years maybe, who knows – it’s timeless up there), and then reincarnate, maybe cuz you’re bored or maybe cuz you have more to learn here, who knows.

The next psychic reading was an audio file. I admit I was scared to listen to it. When you mess with the occult and psychic stuff you’re tapping into other people’s energy – and letting those people tap into yours. I put off listening to it until I was alone in private. Even though that made me more scared, wondering if something would happen by listening to it. I wanted to concentrate on it though without interruption.

There are youtube videos and audio where you can self hypnotize yourself. There is one by Brian Weiss who I mentioned I bought his books – I haven’t listened to it yet though – because it can be scary to have a past life regression – sometimes you see shocking things – violent things – sad things – painful things.

I did self hypnosis once – I was really into abraham hicks and the law of attraction. I found a youtube video and it said you’re going deeper and deeper down a flight of stairs, there’s a door at the bottom – before I even reached the door I fell asleep – and I am not lying – I woke up right as the youtube video said “You’re waking up, you feel relaxed and refreshed, at the sound of my voice you will be fully awake”.

So apparently I’m very susceptible to hypnosis. Some people aren’t but I fell asleep. I got scared because 1.) It actually worked (at least making me sleep and wakeup on command) – but 2.) I remembered absolutely nothing of the 45 minute video – I had no idea what it said to me – and I started thinking WOAH It could be putting messed up ideas in my head – or saying crazy weird things. It scared me – so it was a one and only thing for me. Although I do know if I want to do a professional regression, I’ll experience the same things – but I trust a psychiatrist more than some random internet youtube channel lol.

Anyways this audio was not hypnotic. But I was worried it might be something like that – Instead I was instantly pleased by a very positive and kind sounding young sounding woman with a bright happy voice and pleasant music in the background. The life she told me about also sounded amazing and pleasant in the very definition of the word.

Before I tell you about that life, I want to mention, because my mom is super into psychic stuff we have gone to Lily Dale several times together. It’s a town where everyone is a psychic supposedly. I’ve had good readings, and bad readings. Most of the readings have been free (they randomly choose people in the audience). I only paid for a reading one time before there. And I was kinda disapointed in that reading. Even though what he said was true. He was a little critical and it didn’t have info that I was looking to hear at that time.

He basically told me, I’m a sad person, I hate myself, and I need more confidence in myself. He said I’m surrounded by dogs in spirit form (I do have a lot of pets who have crossed over.) He said that when I cry, a giant black dog tries to lick my face, and the dog wants me to be happy and that the dog is always with me in this life. Growing up in this life, I had 2 black labs. For some reason, one was a house dog, while its mother was an outdoors dog (we’d bring her in in the snow/rain/etc we’re not cruel people), but I always felt super close to the indoor one because I spent all the time with it. (I still had to go feed and water and walk the other one too) (I think maybe my parents were trying to use her as a guard dog is why she was outside I don’t know, I was too young to decide where our animals stayed and didn’t think to question it much at a young age). The indoor dog, being the other’s daughter, I remember more clearly, because it was around later in my life. It lived a long time for a dog. I was 7 or 8 maybe when it was born, and it lived until the year I left for college – so it lived like 11 or 12 years. We did everything together. I dressed her in matching outfits – even though she wasn’t one of those little froo-froo dogs – and at halloween I dressed her in unique costumes that I made myself. We went trick or treating together and everyone loved her costumes. In summers we swam in the lake and went on the boat together. In winter we went sledding – she would chase and try to jump on the sled. She was a really good dog. She was also a REALLY BIG dog – a really big black dog. If she stood on her hind legs she could take food off of tables – or out of kids’ hands and mouths which she sometimes did lol.

I don’t know how that psychic knew I had dogs. He had us hold a slip of paper. Not write anything on it. Just hold it. And then when it was our turn to be read, he took and held the paper. And was supposedly reading our energy that way. I was hoping to hear about boys I was interested in at the time, or relationship stuff in general. But we didn’t get to ask or say anything. Also he was more like a medium rather than a psychic. He mostly connected with people (or apparently animals too) who had crossed over.

Also this dog I felt was always closer to my mom, even though I was also obviously close to the dog, I had school and other obligations and my mom was home with it, and even more attached to it than me. So I thought it was odd that in spirit, the dog would be tied to me, why not tied to my mom?

But to pick up on a big black dog. How’d he know I had dogs at all, cats are actually more popular in America, and I’ve had cats and rabbits and guinea pigs, and hamsters, and yes, dogs. But not only did he pick up I had a dog, but a big one, and the color – The only big dogs I had were black labs. Before that I had a small beagle, and after that I had poodles and chihuahuas and terriers and other smaller breeds. So if it was big and black, I know it had to be one of the two black labs, and because I was closer to the indoor one, I suspect it was her.

Anyways, yesterday’s readings showed me a life in Wales where I had 3 dogs and 2 horses and that I loved spending time with them every day. – I also mentioned my mother’s father’s ancestors are all from Wales – and it is a tiny country – not that common – so odd a psychic would mention it – and double odd that my ancestors are from there. It could be a total coincidence – but maybe not?

This psychic audio recording tuned into a blissfully happy past life spent in a forest talking to animals, and also shared with a soul mate and our children. It would be nice if this life was true – so I’ll choose to believe it anyways.

Click Play To Listen To This Past Life

Here are some notes I took while listening to the audio for the first time.

Animals in a forest – moss on rocks – vines on trees – being connected to nature and plants – animal spirits around me. Strong connection with animals – can communicate with them and understand them.

Vegetarian – only eating plants – Watched the animals to learn what is safe to eat.

Leave groupings of food out for different animals

Sweet and Innocent

Male energy. Soulmate. Brown hair. Bright green eyes. The person’s name started with an M – but doesn’t know full name.

Adventures / Best Friend / Lovers – Two in one – Closely bonded. Lots of giggling and laughter. Doing silly things together.

Close to a meadow and creek.

Looking up at the stars – old soul in a young body – Etheral and childlike and innocent

Two or Three children. Stronger to 2 – Made things out of plants, bracelets, flowers tied together, ankle, wrists, soft pink flowers. Lots of laughter, having fun, carefree

If she didn’t know better she would say it was heaven because it feels so magical.

Like stepping into a dream – weird in a good way. It does not feel like Earth.

There were stories I would tell my kids – explaining how things are – how mythology started.

Age was not what we think of today – could grow to be pretty old – Long, long grey hair.

In this current life, I love animals. My fiance does have dark hair but not the green eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever met or dated anyone with green eyes. My fiance was born in a jungle in this lifetime though – not joking – he’s a real life jungleboy. He could write a book about his life it’s so unique and interesting.

The one thing I love the most about my fiance in this current life is that he makes me laugh all the time. I laugh until I can’t breathe, until tears come down my eyes/face. He’s goofy and sweet and silly. And it makes me feel I can loosen up some myself and be very silly myself – which in my current life is sometimes hard for me to do – I can be overly serious, sensitive, insecure. So it’s refreshing to find someone that lets me laugh and enjoy life so much. I can only think of maybe one other person that I can say has ever made me laugh so much in this life.

I’ve had past lives where I’ve had children – or brothers and sisters – and other past lives where I’ve had none – This current life is one without siblings – and so far no children. I am 40 now, but there is still a chance in the next year or two.

But either way, Adventure is something we definitely go on in this current life too. I went to Peru with him in this life. I plan to eventually go to Japan. There are many other places on my bucket list: Greece, Italy, Maldives, Hawaii, a Cruise (somewhere, anywhere, just to experience it lol). But we take local trips and excursions, we go to festivals, faires, zoos, museums, concerts, and he is an athlete, I go to a lot of his sporting events. And I’m a gamer and started my own anime and gaming club and he helps support me in that.

I vaguely recall a psychic reading from probably 6 years ago now, where a psychic told me my soulmate had dark hair and green eyes – I wonder if they picked up that same energy.

I think in life you have many soul mates. We travel in soul groups, and have soul connections. Sometimes we’re paying off karma debts, but other times, we’re traveling just because we are drawn to those people.

I’m not a vegetarian in this life. My mom and grandma recently became vegetarians – my grandma about 5 years ago, my mom, a year or two ago. I love animals – and I can watch and share a youtube video of a pig or cow getting rescued from a slaughter truck or house – and think omg how cute – how wonderful – how amazing – and then 10 minutes later go eat a steak or burger and not bat an eyelash or think about the animals in this life. Maybe I’m not as mindful in this life. Maybe I’ll pay for that in another life. Who knows.

I do have probably a bad unhealthy relationship with food in this current life. My weight goes up and down, but I haven’t been below 200 in 20 years now. I’m usually right around 210, but I have been as big as 235. I have PCOS and other issues – but I’m not going to blame it all on that 100% – I know I could improve my diet and eating habbits. That’s one of my struggles in this life I guess.

Still it sounded like an amazing life in the forest with the animals and my soulmate and my children. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than that. I wish I could have another life like that. It sounds like it was a long one – hundreds of years? It makes me feel like an elf from Lord of the Rings – or some other forest creature. Although it was probably some type of jungle tribe 🙂 I am glad I got to experience it for such a long time.

I hope this current life is equally as long and happy and peaceful. I have people I love and lots of animals I love too in this current life. I do live in a place that sees all 4 seasons – and I have spent a lot of time in the woods and caves and other things when I was younger – Pennsylvania is known for its beautiful forests and a lot of hiking and nature trails and caves. We have beautiful falls and all the leaves change colors – but I enjoy this time of year – where everything is green even more.

Also my favorite color in this life is pink – and I do have pink (fake) flowers on my desk.

And again it references story telling – and a sense of mysticism – and jewelry making (another artisian craft)

I’m also very naive and innocent in my current life. I’m 40 but I act like I’m in my teens or 20s. I’m very giggly and sweet too – which also resonates back to the first pyshic reading in today’s post about how I had such a youthful and vibrant personality as a priestess and bright smile.

It seems my natural disposition is to be happy. Even in this life it is hard to upset me – but once I am upset – it can be like flipping a switch and instant melt down (which other past life readings yesterday picked up on) lol.

I also spent a lot of time looking at stars in this life. I used to go to the planetarium and as a young girl watched stars from my grandparents’ back yard. Made shapes in stars and clouds. Made up stories. etc.

I’ve always had a super strong interest in mythology – even studied it in highschool and university and enjoyed it more than other periods of history. Like they say an old soul in a young body.

Well that’s it for this morning. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out my first post on past lives if you want to read more.