Are Past Lives Real?

I have always had a mild interest and belief in past lives although I am Christian (and actually recently turned Catholic). There is some evidence of reincarnation even in the bible and until a few hundred years ago both Christianity and Judaism referenced reincarnation. I have heard it was removed to make people more mindful of their actions and consequences in this life.

Sprinkled in this blog post are screen shots of some of the actual past life readings I have received. They are not in order and just thrown in randomly to illustrate the story – although they don’t make great pictures since they’re text as well so I added a few random images to break up walls of text to make this easier to read. I imagine no one’s really interested in reading this, except for me, so what I say goes :). One of the readings I ordered is an audio recording, but I have not received it yet. I prefer the text so I can go back and reread it and reference it easily. Absorbing different things each time I read them.

By the way if you want to watch or read a good anime or manga about past lives here are some recommendations: Betrayal Knows My Name, Please Save My Earth, and Sailor Moon.

Past Life or Psychic phenomena are controversial and I suspect many readers strongly reject this idea for numbers of reasons. One of the most common rejections I hear is “If Reincarnation exists why is earth’s population growing and not remaining constant?” I like to think of how we recycle plastic and paper to make new products. Sometimes we recycle, and sometimes we manufacture completely new products from new materials. Well sometimes God recycles old souls, and sometimes he creates new souls. Other people believe there are other worlds or dimensions and Earth is just one of many in which we can reincarnate and that Earth is one of the easiest levels of existence and we see more souls over time choosing this existence therefore contributing to our population. Plus it’s not constantly growing. Back in 1960s-70s Baby Boomers returning from war, etc the rate of increase was double what it is today. Today we’re only increasing at a rate of 1% – and some places – like Japan – are actually rapidly decreasing. Plus, it’s not like we instantly reincarnate. We go to the light, the light heals us, we’re allowed to rest and heal from the previous life, before being forced or choosing voluntarily to enter again into a new life.

About 2 years ago I started having dreams I couldn’t explain. They were different from my normal dreams… I’ve had 3 or 4 of these now. I believe them to be dreams of a past life. They are different because they are first-person point of view and more vivid and more “real” yet they couldn’t be anything I’ve seen in real life.

The first one I had, I was riding in a car – it was sorta shaped like a jeep or military old-style truck. Black or dark green or some other dark color. Square boxy looking vehicle. The roads were exceptionally dark, no lights and mostly rural lots and lots of trees. But the most memorable thing was how the water came right up to the side of the road. Not like in America how we build trenches or bridges. This road was at sea level. Running right along the road. It was cold. There was a lot of snow and ice. I was a passenger. A man was driving the car. We slid on the ice and sank into the water and I drowned.

It was different than any dream I ever had, so I took to the internet to begin looking at places where the water meets the road. I came up with places like Norway, Sweeden, Greenland…

Well in my reading the psychic tuned into a life in Finland. I took to google to look at pictures of Finland and yes of course it looks like the one from my dream.

I will never forget it because it was my first past life dream. After that dream, I purchased books by Brian Weiss and enjoyed them tremendously.

Last week I began watching the new Lifetime Movie Network series “Who Was I?” about past life regression. I wanted to do a past life regression but they are about $300 per hour. I liked on the TV show how they just let the client do all the speaking and then the team researches and finds birth and marriage and baptism and death records that these people really existed. As of today, there are three episodes.

I can’t afford to do my own past life regression in person. And I know on the internet anyone can make up anything.

But I wanted to see if any of the psychics tuned into anything in my dreams. The one believed to be in Finland was just one of several. I also have had a dream where I’m picking herbs with I assume a mother figure. We go to a small town. We are walking, and carrying the herbs in cloth wrappings. We are very specific in how we cut and carry the herbs, not wanting to damage the plants so we can harvest them again later. But once we get to the town there’s a council meeting and my mother is trying to treat a sick woman but the councilmen accuse my mother of witch craft and I watched her be stoned to death unable to help her.

I had another dream I believe to be a past life also, I think it was in Egypt. I dreamt I was a slave I think. We were digging holes in the sand and pouring fluid into these holes. I’m thinking it symbolizes the burial of the dead (digging holes) and the fluid (embalming fluid) which was poured not into holes in actuality, but into the dead bodies orifices. Or it could symbolize the building of the pyramids also done by slaves. They would pull the sledge and pour water over the sand to make it easier to maneuver. I didn’t know this at all until after my dream when I began to research this. I had not watched any programs on TV or online. Nothing. I am in my 40s and whatever they taught us in highschool it definitely wasn’t that detailed to know they poured water into the sand – and it was 20 plus years ago that I would have heard that anyways. – None of the psychics yet have honed in on that dream / possible past life.

About 5 years ago I began practicing manifestation as my life was at a standstill and I was more or less desperate and grasping for anything at that point. I purchased books and audio tapes about the law of attraction, mostly following the teachings of Abraham. Within less than 6 months my life had drastically improved in every way. Career wise, and relationship wise. I didn’t manifest anything with either of the two people I was chasing after during that 6 months, but as soon as I let it go to the universe, I met my now fiance (we have been together 4 years and getting married next week.) I went to a lantern festival, wrote down my intentions, not naming anyone specific, just naming qualities, both personality and physical that I wanted, and literally let it go, into the sky, up to heaven, and felt a sense of peacefulness. The very next morning I met the man I’m about to marry.

This man is different from any man I’ve ever dated. I’ve been in abusive relationships before, physical, and mental, and this man is so far from the opposite of all of that. Four years and he’s never raised his voice at me, he’s never called me a curse word or bad or derogatory name. And I didn’t have to wait months or years for him to want the same thing (a relationship). I do fall in love fast. I always have. I was a late bloomer – not even holding hands with, going on a date with, or kissing a guy until I was 19 years old. But most of my 20s and 30s were filled with passionate sometimes tumultuous relationships. The highs were high, the lows were low… And this… this is different. It is always a steady calm love. You know what he told me and in front of other people one time defending me or our relationship, he told me that he still gets butterflies coming home from work, excited to see me. That he genuinely misses me when we aren’t together, and that I am the only person he has never lied to, because he feels he can be himself around me and be accepted and loved for who he truly is.

Anyways, why am I telling you all of this, I want you to see how accurate some of these predictions are.

The first one told me about a past life in Finaland. This corresponds to my first past life dream. By the way I told nothing of this to ANY psychic. I gave name and birthdate and if asked place of birth and that’s all. No question asked. No leading statement. Nadda. – By the way, in this current life, I have a phobia about driving – especially in ice or snow.

That same psychic told me I was surrounded by many men and men had difficulty figuring me out – this is probably still true in my current life. Although I was a late bloomer – I made up for it quickly. And it has happened more than once in this current life that I’ve had multiple love interests in this life and gotten to pick or choose who I wanted to pursue.

The psychic told me that my task in this life is to fulfill my feminine purpose in a reliable trusting relationship through marriage. – Again I said nothing – they have no way of knowing I am about to get married in just 8 days now – and hopefully getting it right this time with someone reliable and trusting.

So that’s psychic number 1.

Psychic number 2 tuned into a completely different lifetime – but many similar traits and qualities as psychic 1 (that I still exhibit in this current life time). Some people believe that you reincarnate and repeat all of the same mistakes and you retain your inner being, your personality, and temperament and likes and desires and all of that. Furthermore many believe you reincarnate in the same soul group or soul family. And some take that a step further and say you reincarnate in your actual literal physical family – many generations later. Based on psychic 2… I think it must be so!

Psychic 2… first thing she told me was that my first life was in ancient Japan. – Again this person knows nothing about me. It was ordered from an Etsy shop. You just get asked name and birthdate only.

She had no way of knowing that I am absolutely OBSESSED with EVERYTHING Japanese in my current life. I wondered why… My family, my friends, none of them were into anime or manga. I found it by chance and took off and ran into my own little obsessive world. I cosplay. I go to conventions. I love meeting and talking to other anime fans. Gaming is another big one – but not just any gaming – No for me it has to be similar to JRPG (Japanese roleplaying games) For many years I maintained an opinion that American and European games sucked – until someone literally forced me to play Torment – and it was awesome – but largely, I turn a blind eye to American games – Halo, Fortnite, Call of Duty, MEH who gives a flip about those?!! Give me Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy, Lunar, Zelda, Persona, etc.

Not only that… but in my soul – I long to go to Japan. OK maybe MOSTLY to go shopping – I also collect these Japanese dolls called Dollfie Dream (and Smartdoll and Azone and Obitsu) but Dollfie Dream are the biggest obsession. I spend HUNDREDS on these dolls.

But not only to go shopping – I long to see the cherry blossoms and ancient shrines and temples. To visit Nara and the bowing deer and the beaches and countrysides. I want to see it all.

It is more than a dream – I actually had plane tickets and hotel reservations back in 2019/2020 before Covid hit – I had to cancel because the borders closed – but some day – it will be a reality.

No one else I know loves Japan more than me. It is my ultimate ultimate obsession. I buy games and books in Japanese language even though I can’t read or speak it. After the 90s, fan translations were a thing, but you know what, I had many Japanese SNES and PS1 games with just a text walkthrough before they were fan translated. And now, I use google translate and translate my screen in real time. I’m playing all the newest latest Japanese games.

I even love Asian dramas – and asian music – and I find the men in those dramas and bands to be really charming and cute (or attractive and sexy). I tried to date a few people like that in real life too – but I can be pushy at love and scare people away or demand too much sometimes. I’ve gotten better and more patient now lol.

I think chasing after love was fun and exciting for me in this life – and seems from multiple psychics to have been a huge part of all of my past lives. But honestly, my conscious mind in this life prefers steady love.

Unrequited love is still love, because to the person with feelings, those feelings are real. Just because someone doesn’t return your feelings doesn’t make your own feelings invalidated. But it is always much better when the feelings are reciprocated.

There are two cases in this current life where I’ve had unrequited feelings for someone else. I move too fast which scares men. 🙂 Stage five clinger alert right here LOL. Well in one of those cases I can definitely say that was true. I pushed for it, wanting it to be something when it wasn’t time for it yet. If I had played my cards differently, it may have very well turned into something down the road.

But what can I say? I know what I want and I go after it with gusto. Career, Boys, whatever lol.

In the other one, I didn’t push hard enough – or at all – because I just sensed he wasn’t open to anything like that and I wasn’t 100% ready to just cut ties completely because even though it wasn’t a relationship, it was attention from someone I was pretty intensely attracted to.

Although in the end, it was me who moved on. He did hint he wanted to see me after that, but I’m a loyal girl, first and foremost. I’m the most loyal and loving person ever, and even though my now fiance and I weren’t even officially boyfriend and girlfriend at that time, I declined because I could sense that my fiance was genuinely interested and was making effort (seeing me regularly, not putting me on pause whenever he felt like it, not ghosting me, etc like these other 2 men tended to do.).

But yes, let’s just say I’m drawn to anything from Asian culture, be it pop culture, nature/scenery, the temples and traditions, and yes even the men from around there. My soon to be husband is hispanic – but honestly when we met online I thought he was Asian because he has those exotic cat like eyes that I love so much. Dark almond shaped eyes. And in winter he’s not very dark skinned. He gets really dark in the summer because he’s very active outdoors lol. We laugh about it now, but yeah I made a comment to him when we first met thinking he was Asian. He also told me at a comedy club the comedian made Asian jokes addressed towards him. He is from Peru so he’s closer to indian / native american than anything else. But from my knowledge of south america a lot of their ancestors came from China too like thousands of years ago. So thinking about that now, and my own past life in China too – that further maybe proves we do travel in soul groups or reincarnate within even our own bloodlines hundreds or thousands of years later. We could have been monks together in ancient China lol.

So for psychic 2 to say my first life ever on earth was in Ancient Japan – and actually, my next life was in China – followed by many years in Europe – well that resonated with me. How else could I explain how much I love everything Asian?

In Ancient Japan she tells me I was a dancer and would dance traditional dances in a group wearing beautiful exquisite costumes.

Later this same psychic went into great detail about a more recent life in Wales. My mother’s father’s side of the family is all from Wales… and that it is a teeny tiny country to pick from hundreds in the world…

In that life my mother sewed and I still loved dresses and eventually took over the mother’s shop and designed very detailed dresses and outfits.

In my current life I LOVE dresses. You’ll never see me wearing pants. I haven’t worn pants in probably 20+ years. I wear leggings under my dresses when it’s cold. I wear cosplay costumes too which can be elaborate. I love the deep southern belle kinds of dresses with corsets and big hoop skirts – but no one dresses like that anymore – I love halloween because it’s the one time I CAN dress like that. Or renaissance dresses – or whatever other elaborate dresses I want.

Again this psychic knew nothing of this trait of mine in current life. And in at least two of my past lives I wore or designed beautiful costumes.

In the life in Wales, I had 3 dogs and 2 horses. I love animals in my current life. As a child I wanted to ride horses and did a few times via girl scouts or friends etc. But now as an adult I’m scared a little bit of horses. I think they’re beautiful. But I lack the physical body strength required to pull myself up onto their tall backs and when dismounting I am scared of falling. I’m oddly not that scared of being thrown from a horse. It’s just mounting and dismounting that frightens me. Once I’m on there, I’m good.

Even more interesting, I had a best friend, and she tells me we have spent many lives together and always as best friends. In the life in Wales, my best friend loved to cook. I have a best friend in this current life who – you guessed it – loves to cook. She’s always showing off her latest gourmet creations on instagram and she’s taught other people how to make some very challenging dishes. We’ve been best friends for over 30 years. I wonder if it could be the same soul in a new life.

The same psychic tuned into a life in which I had been a pagan medicine woman, collecting herbs. I was accused of witch craft but my father in that life worked with authorities and so we escaped.

It is quite similar to the dream I had where we picked herbs and I remember a council of men – but in my dream I was not harmed but a person who I felt was my mother in the dream was stoned. I assumed they didn’t harm me since I was a child.

In this past life the psychic tells me that my mother in that life was upset because they had warned me about the witch trials and that my mother never liked this old woman who I was trying to help with herbal remedies and that the old woman was tricking us to see if we were witches or not.

In that life I was very close with a grandmother. In my current life I’m closer to my grandmother than anyone else. I’m closer to her than my own mother. My grandmother is hands down my favorite person in this life. In the pagan life, the psychic talks about a bracelet given to me by the grandmother. In this life my grandmother at one time had thousands of dollars in fine jewelry, and still would if she hadn’t sold a lot of it to help family over the years. Big elaborate statement jewelry. And not costume jewelry, fine jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, and real gemstones.

Again maybe the same soul in a new shell. If we retain our personalities and interests and hobbies, and essentially what makes us “us” on the inside… that seems like my grandma in this life too.

That psychic gave me names for the life in Wales. She told me my name was Carol and my best friend was named Philippa but we called her Pippa.

She talks about how I was creative and loved coming up with new ideas for designs for outfits.

That’s psychic 2.

Let’s move on to psychic 3.

Psychic 3 put my info into some computer software and generated a 25 page report.

Although it is done using computer software it seems to corroborate the other two psychics insights as well. The 25 page report highlights how I’ve been an artist in numerous past lives – again without knowing that I am an artist in this current life. I’m a graphic artist / web developer / video producer / photographer in the year 2021. But in past lives I’ve been a dancer, a dress designer, a painter, a musician, actress, and a writer – all different types of artists. It is interesting that I am time and time again drawn to the artistic career paths in every life.

The 25 page report speaks of my previous relationships again flat out saying I had many different partners in each life and that each life was heavily influenced by those relationships.

The 25 page report says my challenges in past lives were staying balanced in romances and trying to avoid compromising too much in order to please people. It says in this life I must try to make sure it is a 50-50 proposition. Another psychic above told me my purpose in this life was to develop a trusting and positive relationship resulting in marriage.

It states I find fulfillment when in love with someone who accepts me as I am and when my deepest fears don’t derail me from reaching my ambitions. I do have a fear of rejection and a fear of disappointing others – not just in relationships, but platonic friendships, careers, everything, to the point I avoid or miss opportunities at times.

Again if what many say is true of past lives, we are reborn repeating the same patterns and mistakes over and over, until we overcome those challenges.

This seems true to my current life and all of the past lives seems to back this up. From nothing more than my name and birthdate.

The 25 page report talks about my fears how I am self-conscious, reserved and shy – yes true, true, and true in my current life still today. I feel like in the past few years I’ve blossomed – but it’s work and effort and not natural for me to be an outgoing person. My fiance helps me blossom and gain confidence this way.

The 25 page report says I enjoy solitude as it speaks to my soul. – Psychic 2 said I was a monk in the mountains – doesn’t get more solitude than that. And in my current life I never had (m)any friends. 1-2 good friends only. I was outcast. I didn’t go to (m)any after school functions. I don’t have brothers or sisters in this life, and I am very isolated. But I don’t mind. I love writing, reading, drawing, napping, spending time alone, thinking, creating, etc. So this is still true. I could go weeks, months maybe, without leaving the house or talking to more than my immediate family and significant other and be totally fine. Honestly, COVID was the happiest time of my life – sorry to those who lost loved ones – this isn’t to disrespect you and I am sorry for your loss. I loved it though, working from home, stay at home orders. I am a homebody. I like it that way. It’s me at my most natural element.

The 25 page report also said if I tried to hold onto someone too possessively they pulled away. I already shared about 2 incidents of that – but the most striking incident was my first relationship in this life. I was very insecure and jealous. I know I’m the one to blame for that relationship exploding. We even tried to reconcile but only a few months had past. I was only 21 and not mature at all. I couldn’t trust or let anyone into my heart because I had already assumed the worst. I’d get angry, physically sometimes even. What I did was shameful and totally unacceptable in every way. When I lost them the 2nd time I totally realized that, but it was too late then. I think I overcompensated for that in the next long term relationship, being with someone who was the abuser, and staying too long (fear of being alone in part, and also fears because he threatened self harm or harm to me and my family – and sadly I did learn of his passing, self-inflicted integral gunshot wound. – So yeah not just empty threats – he was mentally sick. It’s sad.) I wasted a lot of years there too. Almost a decade. After that I had a pretty nice calm easy relationship but he just wasn’t mature or ready to take things to an adult level despite me being in my 30s and he in his 40s. I ended that one – first – and only time I’ve had to break up with someone. It was hard. After that I pursued a lot of people but nothing came of it, either disinterest on my side or theirs. Until I met my fiance soon to be husband. Now I’ve gained enough experiences in this life to know how to be happy alone. He goes out active in sports or active with friends and coworkers and I’m fine because he shows me love and respect and I trust him 100%. But in the next life will I be reborn and go through these same struggles again? Time will tell.

The 25 page report talks about compulsive desires. I have a bit of a compulsive desire for spending in this life. I have expensive hobbies. Video Games, Dolls, Electronics, etc.

The report talks about how I become overwhelmed by too much Stimuli. That’s true in this life. I have never been tested but I truly believe I have Aspergers or ADHD or something similar. I can freak out and I did one time at work when in a crowded convention center and we sell these alarm products and it was so loud and I couldn’t get it to turn off during a demonstration and I just cried. – That was the last trade show I went to – because obviously, that’s not good.

It also talks about how I don’t like keeping details in order and my attention span wanes. This is true. I’m a big picture girl. I have a lot of ideas. But not a lot of stamina to focus and finish most of those ideas. This sometimes can be troubling at work – especially in roles I play in my career where being detail-oriented is a must.

It says also that I need not be so critical of myself or others. I have always been hard on myself. As long as I can remember. To the point of not liking myself – maybe even hating myself – at times – mostly when I was younger. It says I need to watch for negative thinking – I feel like I’ve improved but even my fiance comments sometimes that I’m like my grandma and negative. I don’t see it – but then he points out how I fear the worst. Like when we traveled to Peru and I was worried about getting sick or robbed or kidnapped or whatever – but in fact – nothing like that happened and it was a great trip lol. So I do see that – and I do sometimes feel like if I lost weight if I did this or did that differently. How I talk how I act – etc I am overly critical.

The 25 page report speaks about how I look for lovers with a plan for their own ambitions and hard working – well this is true. The one and only relationship I ever ended was exactly because of this. He was 40, living with his parents, didn’t drive, and worked only part time minimum wage – despite having multiple degrees and being very intelligent. He just lacked ambition. I was tired of playing house. I wanted to move to the next step and it was impossible. I got sick (physically) and had surgery and that was the last straw for me, not being able to have my partner there for me – Ironically, I’ve been through 2 surgeries with my now fiance – and some other big health challenges (I had a grand mal seizure and diagnosed with Epilepsy last year) and he’s been there for me like a champ. He works 2 sometimes 3 jobs. He’s forward moving in his career. For me, it’s not about money – I dunno how much he makes, we don’t share accounts, and we take turns paying for everything, dinners, dates, movies, etc. We split the mortgage and other bills, and I would never be with someone for money – but I want to see someone work hard and have a plan for their lives and not be just drifting along aimlessly wasting their lives. When I’d ask my ex what the plan was he’d tell me “have faith it’ll all workout” No – that’s not realistic. That’s not logical – that’s not how life works. You don’t just sit back and wait and things magically happen. You have to go out and make things happen. So yes, I definitely need a partner who has a plan and makes strides towards their goals and ambitions.

The same report says when it came to criticism in my own workplace I tend to be over sensitive. This is 100% true. I have cried – hyperventilating even at work before – I freak out. I have ever since my very first job in my 20s. I honestly think it’s tied to my perceived Aspergers or ADHD but could just be my lack of confidence or emotional nature in general.

It mentions I over indulged in past lives in eating and sleeping – and that’s true in this life. It says I used it as a way to cope with problems – true in this life too. Anytime I feel sad, angry, upset… I have caught myself saying “I’m hungry” sometimes aloud even! I’ve even done it while eating or walking out of a restaurant and KNOWING I’m not hungry – it’s my comfort. I also like sleep. I like lying in bed doing nothing. I think it’s my greatest joy in life LOL. I don’t know why. Maybe because then my mind is calm and at peace and the negative thinking stops.

The report talks about how I took initiative meeting others – and yes, largely true – in this life I am grateful I have the internet. Every person I’ve met has been online. I met every one of my lovers that way, and dozens of platonic friends. I struck up conversations pretty easily online. I started my own clubs several times (had to move and restart 3 times now) With the first in California, one in Ohio, and 2 in PA. I reach out, I organize, and I am the initiator.

It seems odd because I’m so shy I could never even say hi to someone – and there’s been a few times I’ve run the other way when people have tried to strike up conversations with me.

But the internet gives me comfort – and then when I meet the people – even if I’m still shy at least there’s some sense of knowing the person. And in the case of my clubs, I prefer to be the host. It makes me have an “excuse” to talk to people. That’s what the host has to do. So I don’t feel weird or awkward – too much.

It again warns in several places that I can be pushy when it comes to relationships, but that some people liked my fast paced lifestyle lol. They also said if I’m single for too long I feel like I’m missing out on life – which is true.

Again all this person knew was name and birthdate.

The report says my Karmic shadow is fear of not being loved or of not being worthy of feeling loved which results in looking for too much within relationships – again 100% true and accurate and correct.

Direct Quote:

“When you were less compulsive about having to be in a relationship, this is sometimes when you actually found a soul mate.” – This actually happened to me – remember my story about the lantern – and letting go. Next day, met my soon to be husband.

It does talk about career at great lengths too. Here’s another quote:

“In some incarnations, you were quite the poet, artist, entertainer, or mystic.”

Corroborating with other psychics who have said I was a dancer, artist, seamstress, writer, medicine woman, monk, etc (Those last two could be “mystic”)

This last report was by a computer but corroborated the other psychics’ intuitive instincts… How do you explain that?

Many of them corroborated my own experiences in this current life or unusual dreams which I believe to be past life dreams.

Some day I want to do a regression – but a $5 – $15 Etsy reading is more affordable than a $300 regression. I have about 3 more readings that I’m still waiting on.

Whether real or not, the concept is interesting and stimulating to me – I definitely believe in past lives – but we can never know until we ourselves pass on, and then we can’t tell anyone else lol.

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