Beavis and Butthead Are Still Great 30 Years Later – And Here’s Why

I grew up with the loveable outrageous teenage antics of Beavis and Butthead. Long before Southpark, there was Beavis and Butthead. I loved Beavis and Butthead so much, I spent probably 20 bucks to win one of each doll from a crane machine in my mall. I loved Beavis and Butthead so much, that I was Butthead because of my brown hair, and my best friend, a blonde, was Beavis. (Not the most attractive nicknames, but it was what it was lol.)

Imagine my excitement and anticipation when a new series of Beavis and Butthead began on Paramount Plus a few weeks ago. I’ve been watching faithfully since the very first episode, and Beavis and Butthead may be better than ever, especially in an age of cancel culture. Beavis and Butthead are the same unfiltered, off the wall, controversial dynamic duo who are going against this woke era of cancel culture.

I’m sure they’re offending a lot of special snowflakes. And that’s OK. This show is not for them. It’s for us. The generation who grew up watching it in the first place. The generation who doesn’t get asshurt over every little thing on TV and need “warnings” and worried about offending or hurting someone’s feelings. (I’m not talking about in real life. I believe in treating others with love and kindness and respect in real life. But I’m not on board this whole political woke train bullshit, complaining about shows like Friends for being all white, or complaining that Otome games always have female main characters (which is not true there are some indie games I’ve reviewed now that have nonbinary and lgbt+ characters.) You can’t please everyone. A work of fiction should first and foremost be a work of art with the soul purpose to please its creators. If the audience likes it, hey that’s a bonus. If not, you stand tall and proud and feel good about your passion project.

Southpark disrupted airwaves too 20 years ago, and probably still does to this day. Maybe now more than ever. We need shows like Southpark and Beavis and Butthead that go against the political status quo and challenge society to feel uncomfortable about certain issues.

We also need shows like Southpark and Beavis and Butthead to escape into and for a moment in time forget about all this political shit.

Southpark’s agenda – and Borat – and others – may be to get you to think about controversial issues by having their characters portray the “less popular” “wrong” etc opinions of the darker side of politics – like Borat’s American Lockdown. Although Borat was being a racist trump supporting redneck, he was doing so in hopes that others do NOT act like Borat – but in doing so he was also able to be loved by those exact trump supporting rednecks who already acted like Borat. They did a followup series (all be it without Borat) where they try to convince his two redneck buddies about why racism is bad and about why Trump is bad. If you’re a redneck racist trump supporter like those characters, chances are you turned it off, and chances are, you probably liked the American Lockdown movie, because you could relate to it. If you’re a woke special snowflake, chances are both those movies and tv shows made you uncomfortable. If so, then for the love of god, don’t watch Beavis and Butthead they’re the same as always. Unapologetically themselves.

Beavis and Butthead are two teenage boys, who take all teenage boy stereotypes to the complete extreme. They’re into rock music, always horny, but sadly too stupid to score. They love nachos and 7/11 (Sheetz where I’m from, or WaWa on the other side of my state.) They like blood, gore, violence, and think it “kicks ass.” They’re lazy and skip class or don’t pay attention. And they watch a lot of TV.

In some ways, Beavis and Butthead is like Mystery Science Theater 3000. They make dumb commentary on music videos – AND NEW IN 2022 – They make dumb commentary on Youtube and TikTok videos appealing to a new generation – and giving new laughs along the way.

Each episode of Beavis and Butthead is really 2 episodes – split into 10-15 minute “adventures”. In this week’s episode their teacher tells them that archeologists make millions of dollars, so Beavis and Butthead set out to search for dinosaur bones, but instead find regular bones in their neighbor’s trashcan and errect a huge lifesize dinosaur, the Boner-saurus. People stop by and actually pay to see the Boner-saurus, until Beavis and Butthead, fighting over the money, accidentally destroy their creation.

Actually as an aside, someone less than a mile from my house, has a 20 foot skeleton in his yard for Halloween. It is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like twice as tall as his house. Then he has one a little smaller, and one even smaller. A family of them. I want them lol. Or I want to stop and take pics next time.

That’s exactly what people do in this week’s episode of Beavis and Butthead, taking pics with Boner-Saurus.

In the other short adventure in this week’s episode, Beavis and Butthead stay awake for 48 hours trying to get the other one to fall asleep to put his hand in warm water and make him wet himself.

In between those two episodes, they comment on a chinese ninja sword informercial, and also comment on MTV’s own Ghosted tv show.

In previous weeks’ episodes they’ve commented on various Youtube Makeup Tutorials, Workouts, some weirdo collecting human skeletons that he buys off ebay (WTF), and handyman/plumber tutorials.

But my favorite episode was when Beavis revealed he is a BTS fan and was able to name all of the members (even I don’t know all of their names, only two actually Jhope and Jimin) and then began twerking all over the couch to their song Dynamite.

In another episode they commented on WAP (Wet Ass Pussy) pretending to be real-estate agents giving a tour, ala HGTV style for the music video.

Beavis and Butthead are always hilarious to me.

Humor is subjective and this show is not for those easily offended. Go do something else or watch a different show please. Leave my Beavis and Butthead exactly as they are. I can’t get enough! Love them so much. In 30 years, although our world and our society is completely different, Beavis and Butthead have not changed one single bit. Keep being you, dudes. You kick ass!