Review: Nintendo Switch Hundred Year Kingdom Sucks And Is Not Even Worth the Six Dollar Sales Price Right Now

Review: Nintendo Switch Hundred Year Kingdom Sucks And Is Not Even Worth the Six Dollar Sales Price Right Now

Title says it all. I just finished my first playthru of Hundred Year Kingdom and it sucks donkey balls – here’s why. No story, no CG scenes, barely able to see this world you built, mindlessly clicking and spamming the confirm button = no real gameplay and definitely no strategy. Complete waste of $6. And I really pity anyone who paid full price even at a paltry sum of $12.

So what is this game all about?

You have a goddess companion who does nothing except put some idle chat on the left hand side of your screen or occassionally claim she found money or items. She has no personality or character development at all. And neither do you (or whoever the Main Character is.) No real meaningful interactions. no backstory, no nothing, nadda, zip.

This could be overlooked if gameplay was at least somewhat enjoyable, but this might be the most boring videogame I’ve ever played, and I’ve played literally thousands – that’s not an exageration. Don’t believe me? Check my steam profile where I have over 1,300 games and growing – plus I’ve played every console since Colecovision and own thousands of console games – and older PC games pre Steam era.

So if I say Hundred Year Kingdom is the worst game – believe me. Save your 6-12 dollars please. Don’t make the mistake I made.

What little gameplay there is consists of pressing the A button, choosing between one or two options, and pressing A again. Over and over for a hundred years – well it feels like it, but years pass every time you do this A button mashing, so one playthru can be done in 10-15 minutes – and maybe even faster – I was having to pry my eyes open because I was dozing off it was so damn dull.

Maybe it was originally a mobile game… but I like many different mobile games – and some of those are even on Switch and better than this trash.

Sure it was kinda cool to see me build a pyramid or hanging gardens or taj mahal… but “see”ing it is pretty damn hard even on a bigass tv like mine, because it’s just one tiny I dunno 10 by 10 square of 1 inch pixel “plots” of land – at a weird camera angle and all retro pixelated to boot.

And in similar games, there’s actual strategy involved. Like in Civilization or Empire Earth, or other city building games. This had none of that.

And no cute “Decorating” options like some city building or even mobile clicky games. This has literally not one redeeming gameplay element.

And yeah, the land gives stat bonuses but they’re garbage too – food, production, or culture – and after 10-15 minutes I had thousands of all three – and the “ending” said my people continued to prosper and graded me at a B+.

You do unlock buildings and other goddess companions and new maps for future playthroughs – but good god, who on earth wants to play this more than once? Not me!!! It’s complete garbage.

There I said it! It’s so garbage I’m not even gonna “score it” like I normally do… But just give it an F and a 1 or zero stars rating.

Avoid it at all costs.