Memento Mori Global Mobile Gacha Game Review

Memento Mori Global Mobile Gacha Game Review

Memento Mori Global released today on IOS and Android by developer Bank of Innovation and picked up for English release by AFKArena. I’m on world 2 and owner of a casual guild called Heart Song. Come check us out if you wish.

Just in time for Halloween, join a game full of cute witches who never asked for their powers. Save all the witches of the land and heal their fragile hearts.

Visually Memento Mori has a lot of cute sexy girls fully animated girls in a water color style for you to collect. Which witch is your favorite?

Visuals are a little muddy and messy but it’s intentional. The girls also may appeal to furries because a fair few have animal ears and tails from cats to pigs and everything in between. The overworld map is very cute and retro styled.

Memento Mori is a free to play game with a cash shop like many similar mobile games.

Gameplay wise, there seems like there’s a lot to do, but regardless of what you do, there’s not much doing to be done. You can skip large parts of almost everything at the click of a button, and combat of any sort is all automated based on the stats of the girls and their equipment and skills.

  • Collecting cute girls – check
  • Leveling up your girls – check
  • Equipping your girls with better gear – check
  • Awakening your girls by merging dupes – check
  • Reading stories about each girl along the way – check.
  • Guild battles and raids – check

Audibly, this game shines for a full English voice cast and dozens even English vocal songs – one for every single girl. And evey single line of their stories are voiced too. Tons of effort went into this localization. Most other companies would have left the Japanese voices (there might be a way to switch them on I havent checked) but AFKArena not only did the voices but the songs too! And the soundtrack is awesome.

Story is cute and sad, but you’re kinda just tossed into it and its not as emotional as it could be with some better pacing or development.

Overall I do recommend this game. It is free and just launched today so you’ll be able to join from day one.

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  1. I love this game but, as you said above, there is not a lot to do. Especially after you’ve progressed through the story which, sadly, just dies completely after the first 2 or 3 chapters. Such a beautiful game but it’s missing some very important pieces like end game content and story progression past the first 2 minutes.

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