Barbie Movie Review From An Adult Doll Collector

As an adult doll collector, fan of ’80s and ’90s nostalgia, and a proud owner of a pink-dressed Azone Iris Petite, the Barbie Movie has been the highlight of my year. This film isn’t for kids; it’s a pop culture extravaganza tailored for grown-up enthusiasts like me.

With adult humor galore, such as Barbie’s comments about genitalia and the over-the-top macho Kens, the movie keeps you entertained throughout. Sugar Daddy Ken, Earring Ken, Pregnant Barbie, Midge, Allen, and even the “weird” Barbie – who is now getting a doll of her own – have unforgettable roles.

Ken’s misguided villainy, and the anticipated revelation of Ken’s sexuality all add layers of intrigue and hilarity. The dance-off scenes are hysterical, and the soundtrack is a pop lovers’ dream.

The Barbie Movie also tackles weighty topics, such as toxic masculinity, societal pressures on women, and self-acceptance. Barbie’s poignant speech about women hating themselves resonated with me deeply, and the backlash from conservatives and macho men has been fascinating to watch.

Will Ferrell’s unexpected role and Ken’s redemption arc add depth to a film that’s already breaking records and contributing to the success of female directors. With sequels and Ken movies announced, along with the upcoming indoor water park in Arizona (featuring everything from a Barbie dream house to a Polly Pocket area), Mattel’s universe keeps expanding.

I loved that this movie dared to include rare and controversial dolls like Sugar Daddy Ken, and the nostalgic trip with Allen, Midge, and the introduction of the overly played-with “weird” Barbie was a masterstroke. My husband, who initially doubted my excitement, now agrees that it’s the movie of the year.

From opening weekend’s success to unexpected plot twists, including a possible coming-out for Ken and delightful references to other Mattel products, the Barbie Movie has exceeded expectations. The critics may argue, but the box office numbers, Arizona’s forthcoming air-conditioned water park complete with a 3 story pink Barbie dream house, waterslide and all, and a rooftop bar for pink cocktails, as well as other Mattel toys such as Hotwheels go-karts, Polly Pocket, and Masters of the Universe, He-man and She-rah, make it clear that the world is head over heels for the new Barbie movie.

So bring on the sequels, the Ken movies, the water park, and the continued celebration of individuality. Barbie is real, and she’s more fabulous than ever. If you haven’t joined the party yet, you’re missing out. #BarbieTakesOverTheWorld

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