Why I’m waiting on Final Fantasy 16 to go on sale.

As someone deeply immersed in the world of JRPGs, and with an unabashed love for Final Fantasy VI, it’s with a heavy heart that I’m yet to get my hands on Final Fantasy XVI. And it’s not just nostalgia speaking; it feels like Square-Enix has lost touch with their fan base.

The term “JRPG” isn’t a negative one for me; it’s a badge of honor. It signifies everything I adore about the genre: compelling stories, memorable characters, heart-tugging emotions, fascinating secrets, and artistic brilliance. But Square-Enix seems offended by the term, striving instead to align themselves with Western-style RPGs.

Final Fantasy XVI, from what I’ve seen, is a continuation of this disheartening trend. Where’s the connection to the characters that once kept me up late into the night? Where’s the intrigue and art that used to leave me in awe? It’s all now lost in a sea of same old dull Western-style mechanics, fading into mediocrity.

I’ve been dying for remakes of the classics, yearning for a return to what made Final Fantasy special in the first place. But Square-Enix seems deaf to these calls, intent on distancing themselves from their roots.

It’s hard to part with my hard-earned money for a title that seems to miss the mark on what I value most in JRPGs. I long for the magic of games like Final Fantasy VI, and I wish Square-Enix would realize that there’s a vast audience out there, like me, who still cherishes the authentic JRPG experience.

Until then, I’m holding off on Final Fantasy XVI, reminiscing about the glory days, and hoping that someday Square-Enix will recognize what makes their classics truly timeless. Maybe then, they’ll win me back. But for now, my heart aches for what once was.

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