What Am I Listening To This Week 8/3/2020 – GeekySweetie Recommended Top 20 Music Videos.

What Am I Listening To This Week 8/3/2020 – GeekySweetie Recommended Top 20 Music Videos.

Hey it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts. Who’s ready for some more music videos? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s GeekySweetie’s recommended videos for you this week. Check em out. Have a song you’ve been listening to this week? Drop it in my comments section so I can check it out too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hello My Loneliness By Delaney Jane and Call Me Karizma – These are 2 really great indie underground artists who definitely deserve more love! I just discovered them today under youtube recommended videos which inspired me to create this post. The girl only has 15,000 subscribers and the guy has under 200,000. Let’s show them some more love!

2. Strumbella’s Salvation – I heard this in Sheetz ( a gas station), but only for a moment, and what struck me was the lyrics. I spent almost an hour googling the lyrics before I found the song – and this one came up and the begining didn’t sound like what I heard so I skipped over it at first, but after finally circling back to it, and listening to the whole thing, I’m like OMG that’s it. The beginning is different than the ending verse, even the melody changes. But the message is so powerful and so touching. My favorite lyrics, and the ones I heard in Sheetz say:

“Even when the sun goes down
I’ll be there to hold and love you
Even when the day is done
I will be the one you can run to
Even when I’m dead and gone
I will always watch out for you now
Until the day we meet again”

It touches my heart so much. It’s such a pure love… like a warm gentle hug. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about this beautiful verse….

The rest of the lyrics of the song are also quite powerful! It’s about loving and believing in yourself, live life to your own standards, don’t let others decide how you will live your life. Take a listen below and let me know what you think.

3. BTS – Stay Gold – BTS’ first Japanese song. OMG the beat is so catchy. Who cares what language it’s in right? lol. I love love love this song! I love BTS but I’m not like a stan, I only know 2 members names and haven’t heard like every single BTS song ever – although everyone I have heard I’ve loved lol. These boys are so cute and talented. And that golden retriever is so cute. OMG cuteness!

There’s English subtitles, but just in case you want to hear some English covers, don’t worry, the ARMY’s got ya covered! Check out a few of my favorite English covers of BTS Stay Gold below.

Wait til about 0:48 – her voice shines at the higher registers.
This young man gives his own spin on the song. His voice is so clear. Very nice although it’s different feeling from BTS original. He slows it down to a slower pace and gives it a country vibe.
Wow she can get her voice really low for a girl. ๐Ÿ™‚ She records her voice at different pitches and overlays each track to give the effect of a group of people singing instead of just one person. This is one of the best covers of Stay Gold.
Another very talented ARMY girl who can drop her voice low. I really like her tempo and the flow of her cover.
Nightcore cover – it’s a little bit over processed but it has a cute voice, it does sound like an anime character, or Alvin and the Chipmunks LOL. Now I’m thinking about if Alvin and The Chipmunks were an idol group LOL.
I love her voice. Her translation is a bit different from most of the others above. Not sure if hers is more accurate or she just changed it to suit the English vocals. I really like this cover too though.
Another ARMY boy does a great English version of Stay Gold.
This girl has such a charming voice for this song and her lyrics are a little different. I like this one.
The piano in this one really stands out.
Wow he says it is his first cover song ever. Let’s give him some love!
This one only has 50 views at time of this blog post – let’s show it some love too!
Lovely cover only has 50 views. She has a strong powerful voice! Give her some love.
She has a beautiful voice. She needs a bit more music behind her I think, but I like her translation of the lyrics.

There’s countless other English covers of BTS Gold on Youtube – but let’s move on to our 4th song.

4. Passenger – The Way That I Love You – I love the lyrics, his voice, the melody. It’s so uplifting and comforting. “If only you could love yourself the way I love you” – I think it’s true we are always hardest on ourselves. “Don’t let the tide wash you away. Don’t let worry ever clip your wings. Discard what is fake, keep what is real. Pursue what you love. Embrace how you feel.”

5. The Wrecks – FVCK Somebody – Alright we can’t be sappy and sentimental all of the time LOL. I thought this song was hilarious and catchy too. Clearly written about quarantine. But I know people that feel trapped by the idea of relationships too so I think it will remain relevant even after Covid fades from our memories.

6. Pentagon – Shine – Alright I know I’m WAYYYY late to discover this song, but I love it! lol. It’s so cute and catchy… OMG. With over 200 million views, learn for yourself what the fuss is all about by watching below.

Again it has English subtitles, but here’s some English covers for you.

There’s also an official Japanese version by Pentagon here:

7. Seventeen – Don’t Want To Cry – I know I’m really late to discover this song too, but I love it. I actually had heard one of the English covers before – but not the original one.

Here are some of the English covers I found

Out of everyone who does English versions of KPOP songs Yssabelle is my favorite. Check out her channel for more great covers.
I also really like this English cover of Don’t Wanna Cry.
He really can hit the high notes! What a wonderful voice. And I love how he’s mixed the instrumentals.
I feel his emotions when he sings. Beautiful.
Nightcore cover
She sounds so sad and beautiful.
I honestly couldn’t tell if this was a male or female cover artist. But I read the description of her youtube page and she refers to herself as a “her” so we’ll go with that. She also did one of the Pentagon Shine covers I posted above.
Wow, her voice is so deep.
Another deep voiced young lass.
I really like this cover too. She has a beautiful deep voice.
SHE SOUNDS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! This might be my favorite English cover of Seventeen Don’t Wanna Cry.
She has a nice clear voice.
Another beautiful acoustic cover of Seventeen’s Don’t Wanna Cry.
This cover is FIRE!!! It’s probably the closest to the original.
So many English Kpop Covers lol.
Male Nightcore Cover
Alright one last English cover of Seventeen’s Don’t Wanna Cry

This one below isn’t in English but… it’s so damn sad…. It touches me….

And then I found this cover also not in English but so emotional and touching.

8. Pretty’s On The Inside – Chloe Adams. – Another talented indie artist with under 200,000 subscribers. Show her some love for this uplifting and sweet song.

9. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande – Rain On Me. – OMG Lady Gaga is my bitch. That’s my bitch right there! So proud of her. Love her so much. lol XD I have seen her live in concert 4 times now. I pretty much go every time she comes to Cleveland or Pittsburgh. This is my favorite track on her new album. – And Ariana’s voice is always so pretty – I know she hates being compared to Mariah Carey, but she has that breathy airy sound and hits all the high notes like her.

10. Arashi – In the Summer – OK this was an AD on Youtube… I saw the AD several times and then finally clicked on it… and it’s AWESOME. lol. Their English is pretty good if you can look past their thick accents. The beat and hook of this song… it smashes! Thank you for making the first verse in English! Keep releasing English tracks. You have a new fan in the United States now. Wishing you love and success! I would go see these guys if they did a US tour…. Or if I ever get to go to Japan. I had a plane ticket and hotel booked but the COVID happened and my dreams got canceled. Your beaches look beautiful there! You are all talented. The guy in the white button down with the black shirt underneath is the cutest though :).

11. Arashi – One Love Reborn – Alright I liked Arashi’s In the Summer so much I checked out all of their other music. This one is my favorite because of the lyrics.

“In Whatever May Come

You Will Be My Number One.

And I Know You Believe The Words Are True.

And for better, for worse, I will Always Put You First.

I Promise, Yes, I do.”

12. Arashi – Love So Sweet – I also really like the lyrics to this one! “Everywhere you go, I go. We belong together. Memories in our hearts, they are forever. There will never be anyone I love as much as I love you. And if you’ll shine your light a little brighter, hold my hand and we’ll reach higher. Believing is everything in love so sweet”

There’s also a Japanese version with a cute music video where the boys are like Mannequins in a store display window.

13. A Day In Our Life – Arashi – Again they give us a mix of English and Japanese verses. I like the beat to this one a lot.

14. Arashi – Face Down Reborn – More great lyrics – These guys write the most touching lyrics that any girl would want her man to say or sing to her I swear… This one says ” Is there something you’re afraid to say out loud? You can tell me everything you dream about. You can trust me. I am never walking out. I want to know your secrets.”

15. Harry Styles – Falling – I can’t remember if I shared this the last time I did one of these “Top Music Video” style posts on my blog. But I just love this song and this video so much!

16. Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar – alright I know this song is about eating pussy, but it’s still a damn catchy song and it sat at number 1 on the billboards for weeks. So here’s Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar High.

17. Finneas – Break My Heart Again – I think Finneas is even more talented than his sister Billie but I love them both. Both this is my favorite song by Finneas.

And apparently awhile back during quarentine Verizon hosted a live concert of Billie and Finneas and they sang this song together.


They also did a live version of Billie’s Bad Guy (which is my favorite song by her).


18. Elle King – The Let Go – I honestly loved Exes and Ohs but I didn’t really know who it was from… until now when I discovered this song. This girl can SING. I love her angry angsty lyrics in this song and her powerful voice. And I love that she’s not the traditional idea of beauty – no little petite barbie girl here. This might be her best song yet!

19. Lee Hi – Holo – Even though it’s not in English, it’s so beautiful and emotional that it touches me to my core. There are some brilliant English covers of this song too. I think we’re all waiting for “One day it will stop” Whether it’s struggling with pain from a broken heart, our own self doubts, or just the current events in the world. We’re all waiting for the pain to stop.

Here’s some English covers of Lee Hi Holo

20. Dan + Shay – I should probably go to bed. – I love this song. It just dropped 4 days ago. It’s so pretty and sad and emotional. You can feel his pain and longing and desire for someone that he knows just isn’t right for him.

And on that note, I should probably go to bed too. But just let me leave you with a few tracks to help you go to bed. I discovered this band called HAEVN and I’m pretty sure I wrote about them the last time I did one of these top Music posts. But just in case you’ve never heard of them. Check them out below. I’m a big fan of his album Symphonic Tales. But anything by him is absolutely brilliant. And they’re all so peaceful and calming and zen.


Sweet dreams my loves. Stay safe and be brave. Let me know what you’ve been listening to this week. Drop me a comment down below.