Beasts Of Maravilla Island is a Pokemon Snap inspired Forest Exploration Game Coming To Nintendo Switch and PC

Back the project within the next 7 days to get a digital copy of Maravilla Island for your platform of choice for just $5.

There’s also a free demo of the game available here:

Of course, as you can see in the comments section, the game has a lot of bugs and issues with bad controls right now so it is not a good indicator of how the final game may play out.

Beasts of Maravilla Island is an adventure game through nature where you research and photograph wildlife as you explore the island. Very similar to Pokemon Snap which is also coming soon to Nintendo Switch. It looks like Pokemon Snap won’t be the only animal photography game on the Nintendo Switch. And for fans who don’t have a Nintendo Switch, but do have a PC, they can get a similar gaming experience with Beasts of Maravilla.

I’m torn on the graphics, they don’t look that great yet. The environment looks really pretty but the humans and beasts leave much to be desired in my opinion.

Still for $5 to pledge for a digital copy, and to support indie game development, you can’t really go wrong backing Beasts of Maravilla Island.

There’s only 40 creatures and 3 zones, so the game is quite small and short, presumably. Also the game will eventually be available for free it says on kickstarter.

Kickstarter has allowed them to add some new unique features such as a selfie mode to the game. And if they reach new stretch goals they will add more beasts to the game also. So I still think a $5 pledge is well worth it if you enjoy these types of games – which I do.

It seems like a cute and calm relaxing little game about exploring and photographing nature. I am looking forward to playing it. I have not played the demo yet, and dunno if I will play the demo as it is rumored to be plagued by bad controls and bugs. I think I’ll just wait for the commercial release or at least a newer version of the demo with fewer bugs :).