Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Announced at E3, Breaks Records for Fastest Kickstarter Campaign to Reach $1M

Just as exciting as the announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Read our news coverage here: ), Another big announcement of a long-time fan-requested game, Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki announced at lastnight’s Playstation Live Stream E3 Event that he had just created a Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3. Shortly after the announcement, the kickstarter for Shemue 3 set a ground breaking record of being the fastest kickstarter campaign ever to reach $1,000,000 in funding. I know when I was trying to visit the kickstarter page lastnight the servers were timing out and going nuts. Several news outlets are reporting that it achieved it’s funding goal of $2,000,000 in under 9 hours, and is continueing to earn donations. As of the time of this writing it’s nearing $2.5 million in less than 12 hours since being announced.

If you back the game via Kickstarter you get a lot of neat perks. For example, for just $5 you will get a personalized thank-you message from Yu Suzuki as well as the opportunity to take part in forums and polls to put ideas into the upcoming game. A mere $29 donation will earn you a digital copy of the game on your choice of either PS4 or PC. Going up from there, many other goodies are available, including your name in the credits, early access to alpha and beta versions of the game, and phyical goods too such as sound tracks, clothing, toys, artwork, and more.

There are numerous stretch goals too, including a skill-tree system and rapport system (maybe similar to a dating-sim type of element) and translations into several other languages around the world. Don’t worry, English and Japanese are defaultly included in the kickstarter’s original funding estimates.

The announcement was made lastnight at E3, and revealed both a game trailer and gameplay footage of the development already underway on this exciting and beloved sequel. Check out the reveal from lastnight’s E3 2015 Show below. And then go to the official kickstarter page here: to read more about the production team, game concept, and check out all the goodies you can get with your donation.

The game has a projected release date of December 2017.