NBA 2K21 Review

With the Los Angeles Lakers wrapping up the 2021 NBA Championship, and hoops fans already checking out the best NBA futures at a time when a potential new season is being talked about starting early in December, fans are left with the question of how to fill the remaining time between now and the start of next campaign.

The answer for many is the popular video game 2K21 – the 22nd installment from the NBA 2k franchise.

NBA 2K21 – Current Generation

This game hit the stores in September 2020. It comes with several familiar game modes, including MyCareer, MyTeam, MyLeague, and MyGM.

This latest edition has received a mixed reception from gamers and critics, alike. On a positive note, improvements have been made in the way the players move, particularly when dribbling. Also, shooting three-pointers – it’s more difficult, but many gamers seem to prefer this. Furthermore, the script and voice acting when playing in MyCareer mode is definitely an upgrade on previous editions. There are more layers to the MyTeam mode, too.

A few improvements have been made to some of the visual aspects of the game. A handful of renders, including the legend Abdul-Jabbar’s, have had a makeover. But, other than that, it looks the same as NBA 2k20.

Staying on a negative note; when playing defense, there is still too much charging into the opposing ball-handler instead of looking to cut them off in their progress to the basket. Sadly, 2K hasn’t quite managed (yet) to bring this more instinctive human reaction into its games. Additionally, in regards to the features, you cannot create tournaments or leagues in Pro-Am or Rec. Neither can you create female players in the MyPlayer mode. There are limitations in the creation suite, such as hairstyles and the inability to add tattoos to players in the offline game.

Game verdict

The new shooting concept is a leap forward for 2K21. The Neighborhood has a new look and feel about it, and the revamp to the MyTeam mode is positive. However, other than those relatively minor enhancements, the game is all too similar to its predecessor. 

When you are talking $59.99 for the standard edition and an eye-popping $99.99 for the Mamba Forever edition, it’s difficult to say buyers are getting their money’s worth.  

NBA 2K21 – Next Generation

Due to be launched in November – two months after the current-gen version – many gamers may simply decide to hang it out. 2K21 next gen will be available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While this version continues the NBA 2K story, it’s being built from scratch for these new consoles. There will be additional features and other upgrades that are only possible on the PS5 and Series X.

For ardent fans who simply can’t get enough of these games, if you pick up the current generation Mamba Forever edition, you’ll get a digital copy of the next-gen version added to your Xbox or PlayStation account. Furthermore, there’s a hefty 200,000 VC waiting for you – 100,000 VC in Mamba and another 100,000 VC when you first boot up the next-gen game.