Wannabe Challenge Otome Game Review

Wannabe Challenge Otome Game Review

Revision: 11/19/20: In this article I compared Wannabe Challenge’s story and character to those in the Korean Drama, My Love From Another Star, however, I originally was thinking of the Korean Drama, Goblin, and got my wires crossed somewhere. I thought about just coming in and editing it to change it to say Goblin instead of My Love From The Star, but I dunno, after thinking about it, it is rather similar to My Love From The Star too. The main character in Wannabe Challenge is a Model, the main character in My Love From The Star is an Actress/Model. The Male lead in My Love From The Star is a super natural being from hundreds of years ago who can live forever. He comes to rescue her and save her from various things. But obviously, Wannabe Challenge is still very similar to the Korean Drama Goblin, because both are about a love story between a Goblin and his bride who are tied together by a sad fate. That concept is true of both Wannabe Challenge and Goblin. Taehee even looks a little bit like Kim Shin. Anyways my original post is still here below in its unedited version.

Wannabe Challenge is a new free to play mobile Otome game. It has an interesting story that reminds me of My Love From The Star and fun simple gameplay along with beautiful music and art. I highly recommend checking out Wannabe Challenge. Below is my review sprinkled with some screenshots.

Title: Wannabe Challenge

Release Date: November 2020

Price: Free

Language: English

Genre: Otome Game

Where to Get: https://wannabe.com2us.com/main

Geeky: 3/5 – The voice acting, story, graphics, and music are all outstanding. The gameplay is simple but fun.

Sweetie: 5/5 – The wonderful story, cute boys and cute dialog make this one a big hit with female fans.

Overall: 70/80 88% B+ Very Good Game For Girls

Concept: 10/10 – I really like the modeling/social media concept behind the gameplay. The story is very good, music, voice acting, and art the best I’ve seen of any free games in 2020. This one is a must play.

Gameplay: 8/10 – This game offers a lot to do!! Collect cute photos of the goblins, use the photos to boost your modeling career on the game’s fictitious social media “network”, Dressup, date the boys, read more about this fantasy love story as you progress through the chapters, etc. There is no action, but there is definitely plenty to do. Despite a wide variety of things to explore, it does get repetitive as most mobile games do. Gameplay-wise this game reminds me a lot of Mr Love Queen’s Choice which I reviewed awhile back on my blog here.

Story: 10/10 – Have you ever watched the hit Korean Drama “My Love From The Star?” I feel like this is a very similar story. A very unlucky girl meets supernatural creatures known as goblins and their fates are intertwined, a sad bittersweet romance.

Artwork: 8/10 – From the cute boys, pretty main character female lead, to beautiful background art, this game shines. Some of the backgrounds get overused a bit much, and even some of the event scenes. There are a few places I also think event scenes could have been added but they don’t use it.

Voice Acting: 8/10 – the soft romantic voices of the main characters make me feel calm. I am surprised though that it has not been translated giving the option for English voice acting as well. All of the voice actors though are very talented. A+!

Music: 8/10 – Music is nice but does get re-used and can be repetitive after awhile.

Replay Value: 10/10 – I want to keep playing to read the story! It’s very good! Also there are some limited time Evermores to collect during different events.

Overall: 70/80 88% B+ Very Good Game For Girls