Future of Electric Scooters Rules for Electric Scooter Users

Future of Electric Scooters: Rules for Electric Scooter Users

Have you recently invested in an electric scooter? These two-wheel vehicles are gradually getting to the top of urban transportation means. Riding an e-scooter is a fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly method of commuting or riding around the neighbourhood. 

Nevertheless, e-scooter riders are expected to follow multiple safety rules to ensure the safety of everyone on the streets. These scooters are best ridden in areas with low traffic, where the number of cars, pedestrians, and cyclists is optimal. There are numerous Electric Scooters Ireland reviews online, assisting potential buyers in choosing the safest e-scooter. 

These are the main safety rules e-scooter riders are expected to follow. 

Always ride alone

Although riders are often tempted to allow another person to hop on the scooter, this practice is considered hazardous for the safety of both individuals. Most models are designed to handle no more than a single person in order for users to maintain optimal balance. 

It’s vital for riders to impede potential accidents by preventing any person from riding both in the front and the back of the electric vehicle. In such scenarios, the user isn’t capable of operating the scooter properly due to the impaired steering and direction. Also, riders tend to react more slowly when having a passenger on board, as they keep worrying about his/her safety and comfort during the ride. 

Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the handlebars

E-scooter users are required to keep their eyes on the road ahead of them at all times to avoid potential injuries. Similarly to riding a bike, many individuals observe the surroundings while riding instead of keeping the focus on the traffic. Even the slightest distraction is enough for the user to sustain an injury and cause damage to the vehicle. Due to the poor suspension in most models, a minor hole is likely to throw one off the scooter. 

Another important safety tip is keeping your hands on the handlebars regardless of how many times your phone beeps in the pocket. Nobody should feel confident enough to ride an e-scooter and chat with their friends simultaneously. 

Both hands are necessary to keep a proper balance and manoeuvre such an electric vehicle safely. In case you have to take an important phone call, make sure you stop your e-scooter for as long as necessary before getting back on the road. Click here to learn some helpful tips about avoiding injuries while riding. 

Take notice of road safety

Riding an e-scooter means complying with the road safety rules in the area where you live. In most cities, electric scooter riders are required to obey road signs and traffic signals, as well as move in the direction of the other traffic participants. They’re generally prohibited from riding an e-scooter on pavements and crosswalks, where the number of pedestrians is substantial. In contrast, users are recommended to ride e-scooters on bike lanes and low-traffic streets. 

Moreover, don’t expect pedestrians to make way for you, as you’re supposed to yield. It’s riders’ responsibility to beware of every cyclist, child, pedestrian, or animal on the street in order to guarantee safety. Also, e-scooter users aren’t recommended to wear any type of headphones or earbuds, as these are believed to cause distraction. 

Don’t forget to wear a helmet

Even though countries differ in electric scooter regulations, riders are strongly advised to wear a helmet, particularly underage users. It’s important for every user to stay on top of these regulations in its country, as such laws are continuously subjected to alterations. In the event of collision helmets provide proper support to one’s neck and head. 

Furthermore, inexperienced riders are suggested to wear additional protective equipment in the form of knee and elbow pads, as well as sports shoes. No user is ever advised to ride an e-scooter wearing sandals, or even worse, barefoot. 

Make sure your shoelaces are tied correctly in order to prevent them from getting entangled with the drive system or the wheels. Visit this link, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/motorcycle-and-bicycle-he_b_786402, to learn why motorcycle and bicycle helmets should be mandatory.

Final thoughts

Learn to abide by the road safety rules and stay focused on the road!

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