Sony promises more PS5 preorders will be available in the coming days

By now one thing is clear. The launch of PS5 preorders was complete chaos. Sony has promised plenty of advanced notice and that preorders would not be a surprise. They even had a secret mailing list where they would pick and choose people to preorder the console before anyone else. Then in a live event Sony announced preorders would begin the next day. Retailers didn’t get the memo.

I believe it was Walmart who started the chaos. They took to Twitter immediately after the Sony press conference with a tweet something like “Make you wait for a PS5? Naw that’s not us. Order your PS5 now.”

Within twenty minutes almost all big box retailers quickly launched preorders ahead of schedule and in another 20 minutes they all sold out. These unruly retailers who disregarded Sony’s schedule are the ones to blame for this chaos, but Sony is the one taking the heat for a bad console launch.

Scalpers are already selling the consoles online for $800-$1200 and even more in some cases.

Sony providing more units for preorder will be a slap in the face to these scalpers who are scum of the earth and deserve to get screwed out of profits made on the back of gamers who actually want to play games.

Not all companies disobey Sony’s time table. I was able to get a preorder at Sams Club the next day for the more expensive disc version. I prefer that version anyways. I buy most of my games digitally but I like collecting and watching DVDs and Blu-ray movies.

I can’t believe I got a PS5! I’m so excited. I’m still nervous even though I have my order confirmation and my payment has been taken and three different departments of tech support people assured me it went through on Sam’s Club’s end.

I remember how badly Sam’s Club screwed up the PS4 launch. They ended up taking online preorders only later to discover that they were not selling the PS4 online at all. They provided some people with in store vouchers but each store had too few supply to meet the demand.

I don’t think I will relax until I get shipping notification of my PS5 this November.

If you’re still looking for a PS5 preorder keep your eyes on all the retailer pages in the coming days. All of the sites like Bestbuy, GameStop, Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Sams Club will be putting more units up for preorder soon. Get yours fast before the scalpers beat you to it again. I think it’s up to each retailer when to begin preorders but you know they will go fast again!

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