My Favorite Pokemon Ranked By Cuteness. Cutest Pokemon Ranked.

With the new Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet launching tomorrow, I can’t stop thinking about Pokemon. Ever hear the “every pokemon is someone’s favorite” before? It’s true. And for me, my favorites have gotta be cute!!!

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Unfortunately many of these cute babies evolve into a very ugly 2nd or 3rd form. But not so with Eevee. And Eevee has different elemental forms too making it actually useful in a number of battles. And every single one of its forms, from original to fully evolved looks fantastic.

That’s why Eevee Starts our list as the cutest pokemon.

1. Eevee

For the reasons listed above. Cute, Useful different elemental types, multiple eeveelutions all of which look fantastic, etc.

2. Sylveon

My favorite Eeveelution is Sylveon. The pink, white, and baby blue color scheme, being a quadroped, with cute big ears and ribbons on ears and neck.

3. Flareon

Flareon is very close in size and shape to my favorite Pokemon, Eevee, from which it evolves. Because it so closely resembles Eevee, it is my second favorite Eeveelution!

4. Leafeon

Leafeon is very cute too, with his leaf-like tail and plume coming off his head. His nice pastel yellow and green color scheme is very cute too.

5. Glaceon

I love the white and tiffany blue color scheme. It’s a very cute Eeveelution.

6. Umbreon

One of the cutest dark pokemon in the game. Umbreon looks both cute and cool.

7. Jolteon

Jolteon’s jagged fur and bright yellow color pallette make him stand out as a cute buzz-worthy Electric type Pokemon.

8. Espeon

Espeon is very cat-like and cute.

9. Vaporeon

Vaporeon is totally cool and cute, with its mermaid tail, overall seal/sealion vibe, happy smile, bright clear eyes, gils and beautiful blue color.

Having covered every Eeveelution, we can move on to some other cute Pokemon next.

10. Jigglypuff

With its round small body and cute cat ears, and being my favorite color, pink, Jigglypuff snatches our 10th cutest pokemon spot.

11. Wigglytuff

Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff who trades his cat ears for bunny ears, but keeps his plump pink round body and cute round eyes.

12. Meowth

The only Pokemon who can talk in the anime, and it’s because of an unrequited love story? Sign me up. Plus, he’s a cat. Meowth, that’s right!

13. Pikachu

What kind of cute Pokemon List would be complete without the star, Pikachu? Look at those chubby cheeks!

14. Raichu

And as a bonus, Pikachu’s evolved form stays cute and similar in shape to Pikachu – which isn’t always the case when Pokemon evolve.

15. Dragonite

Case in point, Dragonite. Everyone on reddit seems to hate this little guy. They say he robbed an evolutionary form from Dratini/Dragonair. And they don’t like his color and derpy expression. I, on the other had, have always LOOOOOOOOVVVVVED Dragonite so much! I had no idea he was so hated, until stumblng into a thread of the most hated pokemon and over 50% said Dragonite. Really? Look at him, how can you hate a face like that? So adorbs. And look! He’s waving! He’s like “Hello, please don’t hate me!” – Dragonite, I will never hate you! You’re my boy! Love you so much! Don’t listen to those mean awful people! shhshh shhhsh.

16. Marill

Basically the water version of a Pikachu. Cute, round, tiny water fairy pokemon.

17. Azurill

The evolved form of a Marill keeps faithful to his original form, but sprouts bunny ears and a slightly less round body. Sorta reminds me of a water Wigglytuff.

18. Sprigatito

The new cat starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is very cute. Its second form is also cute. And its third form is a bit questionable… but better than the next cat on the list.

19. Litten

Litten starts out just a sweet little tabby…. His progression goes from…. Cute…. Cute but Feisty.. UGLY AF…. WTF Happened to my boy? Sir, I’d like a refund please, my cat is defective.

20. Mareep

The cute fluffy little sheep pokemon. His evolutions aren’t quite as cute or fluffy, but they aren’t too ugly either.

21. Meowstic

These psychic cats are adorable – and since this is their final evolution, they stay cute and powerful. The female is white where the male is blue. I generally dislike bipedal cat pokemon, because Nintendo has a way of making them hideous, but this here is purrrr-fection!

22. Luxio

Evolved from Shinx which is adorable, and evolves into Luxray. I prefer Luxio over his other evolutionary forms, because he reminds me of Kimba, the white lion, a very popular anime from which Disney plagiarized to create the Lion King.

23. Shaymin

Shaymin’s land form and sky form are both equally adorable! Cute little hedgehog and cute little deer..?

24. Emolga

Emolga the flying squirrel type Pokemon is, as the anime says, irresistible. It will stay cute forever, or until Nintendo feels like coming up with an evolutionary form for this Pokemon. That’s right, it’s one of few pokemon who does not evolve.

25. Squirtle

Squirtle is ridiculously cute. I’ve always loved turtles growing up. But Squirtle is the cutest turtle ever. He would rank way higher if Blastoise wasn’t ugly as sin. Wartortle is still cute, but Blastoise, nah man, that ain’t right.

26. Charmander

I love Charmander. His evolutionary chain is not so bad when compared to some other starters. In fact, the first ever time I played Pokemon back in the 90s with Pokemon Red and Blue, Charmander was my first starter.

27. Chicorita

Chicorita is very cute and evolves into Bayleef. It’s one of my favorite grass pokemon for sheer cuteness.

28. Bayleef

Bayleef is also cute if not a bit phallic. I loved the land before time and long necks, brontosaurus, are my favorite dinosaurs 🙂

29. Meganium

Meganium is Chicorita’s final form. Still a bit phallic looking but reminiscent of long necks from the land before time. It doesn’t change much from Bayleaf, except now the leaves have revealed a large flower around its neck.

30. Quaxly

Quaxly from the upcoming Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet is so cute that I am honestly torn between “Team Duck” or “Team Kitty”. His final evolution is a dragqueen-esque “big bird”. Pokemon has a lot of LGBT+ fans and this Pokemon is definitely making waves.

31. Vulpix

Vulpix and its evolutionary form, Ninetails, have been around forever and are still some of the cutest Pokemon you’ll find.

32. Ponyta

The Galarian form of Ponyta is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. But even its regular form is still pretty darn cute!

33. Rapidash

Even when Ponyta grows up, it’s still a beautiful and cute Pokemon. The Galarian form reminds me of a My Little Pony, or my favorite book, The Last Unicorn.

34. Teddiursa

Teddiursa is one of the cutest Pokemon ever. Who doesn’t love a sweet little teddybear?

35. Morpeko

Another chubby pikachu looking fella. He’s cute, but watchout, because he gets HANGRY! Lol, but even when he’s Hangry, he’s still cute!

36. Alcremie

One of the coolest things about this little frozen yogurt-esque pokemon is the sheer number of color variations and combos. Very cute and unique.

37. Snorlax

He’s big and sleepy, just like me. Wish we could snuggle up and sleep all day! To that note, they actually do make and sell life size snorlax home goods such as a bed, pool float, and beanbag chair.

38. Gengar

Some might think it odd to see Gengar, a ghost pokemon, on my list of cutest Pokemon, but come on, just look at him! He’s so mischievious and naughty. A very cute Pokemon indeed.

39. Minccino

Another cute rodent type pokemon who evolves into Cinccino. They would rank higher, but their color scheme is a bit drab. Still love both these cuties though!

40. Cinccino

Cinccino is a very cute chinchilla looking Pokemon. Chinchilla are so cute in real life, who wouldn’t want one in Pokemon too?

Of course, there are many other cute Pokemon, with over 800 Pokemon already, and more to come with tomorrow’s release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, everyone is sure to find a Pokemon they love. Even Psyduck and Farfetchd and Sirfetchd can be cute in their own way. Busukawaii is a love for things so ugly they’re cute. Ugly Cute pokemon are still cute too! Of course not all Pokemon are cute, and unfortunately, most of the strongest and highly evolved Pokemon are far from cute. But I will play my way, with a party of cute adorable Pokemon by my side! See you in the game tomorrow!