Crazy Time Game Review

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The Wheel of Fortune game is trendy among players and fans. Plus, the game has only produced three players winning a million-dollar prize from the bonus round. Since everything has gone digital, casino game software providers have designed this game to give the same gaming experience to everyone that only a handful of people on the TV had. 

One such game is crazy time by Evolution Gaming. Crazy Time game is just as exciting and thrilling as the Wheel of Fortune. With high volatility, the game needs proper understanding to make it favorable for yourself. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Crazy Time:

Crazy Time: The Wheel

Crazy Time game is like roulette, with equal chances of landing on any section. The wheel has 54 segments with different prizes on each segment (ranging from 1x to 10x). With a 96.08% RTP, players can score 100,000x their bet. 

The best part? The game has a dealer who spins the wheel with a stopper in the middle that decides the number or bonus round. The slots are either numbered or marked as bonus rounds. Here’s a simple breakdown of the 54 segments:

  • #1 (21 times in the wheel)
  • #2 (13 times)
  • #5 (7 times)
  • #10 (4 times)
  • Coin Flip bonus round (4 times)
  • Crazy Time (1 time)
  • Pachinko (2 times)
  • Cash Hunt (2 times)

Here’s How to Play Crazy Time Game:

The player can select the slot (or slots) they want to bet on. You simply have to click on the desired number or the bonus slots on which you think the stopper will stop. If the wheel stops spinning on your chosen number, you will win the prize or amount mentioned there. 

The payouts are:

  • #10 pays 10:1 
  • #1 pays 1:1 
  • #5 pays 5:1
  • #2 pays 2:1

You will play the bonus rounds if you decide to bet on the bonus slots. This will add more thrill and excitement to your gameplay. Plus, these slots have the highest payouts. Here’s the catch – you must bet on any slot within 10 seconds. 

The game will play out differently if the wheel stops on a bonus. 

Crazy Time: Bonus Games

The ABC show Wheel of Fortune made history with two consecutive contestants winning $100K prize money. However, Crazy Time’s bonus rounds offer players even better (10x) payouts on their wager. 

  1. Coin Flip Bonus Game

This bonus game has a digital display with a physical coin flip. The display has a blue and a red multiplier. The coin has red-blue sides, too. After the software flips the coin automatically, the player wins the multiplier depending on the side the coin lands. 

  1. Crazy Time Bonus Game

The Crazy Time bonus round has the least probability of appearing. However, it’s the flashiest one of all the other bonus rounds. The game presenter takes the player behind a red door into a virtual world, where the player must select one of the yellow, green, or blue flappers present on the wheel. 

After presenting the red button, the wheel spins. The player receives the prize on which the flapper lands. But if the flapper lands on triple or double multiplier slots, their prize money will be tripled or doubled, and the player will receive another wheel spin for even better multipliers. 

  1. Pachinko Bonus Round Game

This game has a large wall with physical pegs. The presenter plops a puck into the wall. The player wins whatever multiplier the puck lands on. If the puck lands on the double value, the multipliers will be doubled. 

  1. Cash Hunt Bonus Game

This shooting-themed game has 108 multipliers covered by symbols. The player shoots the cannon on the symbol they think has the largest multiplier. They win whatever the symbol hides. 


Crazy Time’s a worth-it game integrated by multiple top-tier casinos into their sites. If you love playing such casino games, give this one a try!