My AI Art Inspired By Sexy Asian Anime Men and Kpop/Jpop Stars

I mentioned in some of my other posts that I began using Photoleap, an AI text to image generator that allows anyone to be an artist and create fantastic unique one of a kind images. I love Photoleap the most so far out of all of the AI programs I have tried. Although I’m still on the waiting list for Dall-e-2.

In case you missed it, you can see some of my other AI art, mostly created with Dreamstudio.

Pikachu Eating Pancakes

Sailormoon X Lisafrank

Sailormoon Runway Fashion

And follow me on Deviantart for more of my AI artwork.

Check out these handsome Asian men. Some are wearing Kimono, Yukata, or Hanbok, and others are in street clothes. Some are holding furry companions while others are surrounded by books, tea, or cherry blossoms.

Which one of my cute Kpop boys do you like the best?

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